Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Gets Totally Tough With Life

Sister Wives star Meri Brown seems determined not to sit and sulk about her life. Recently, she went through a really bad time when her mom passed away. Additionally, fans know that Kody Brown’s been down on her in a big way. Now though, it looks like “miserable” Meri gets tough with those who push her back all the time. Affirming her intentions came with a lot of capital letters.

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Tackled The BNB After He Mom Died

Meri Brown obviously felt terribly shattered when Bonnie passed away so suddenly. It came on the tail end of a desperately sad season on the TLC show. Actually, fans often saw a much more positive person on Instagram than on the TV. However, her mom’s death really rocked her. She went to the BNB and closed it. Then she mourned with family and started sorting out the BNB. Some fans wondered if she’d close it down. However, fans know that Meri likes keeping herself busy. So, she proudly announced that it re-opened in mid-June.

The Sister Wives star currently has her friend Jen Sullivan temporarily managing Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. Supportive, fans know that she’s played an important part in helping Meri deal with her emotions. Her post about being tough came on Thursday, July 8. Actually, it’s not the first time that she spoke about ridding herself of people who don’t support her. Back in May, she talked about honing” her “knife to cut out those who want her to be someone that she isn’t. Well, now she reaffirmed that she won’t stand for any nonsense.

Tough Stance By The Sister Wives Star

In her latest post on Instagram, Meri Brown posed in a really tough way. Actually, she placed her fisted hands on her hips and glared at the camera. In her caption, she talked about how sometimes, “days… weeks…months,” come along when it seems that “things just keep HAPPENING.” Then she talked about how so much effort goes into things, but always, “something else comes up.” When that happens, she pointed out that sometimes life just throws some curveballs. Meanwhile other times, it’s about learning.

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Gets Totally Tough With Life

However, she seems to think that the worst thing is when things happen that involve manipulation.  So she got tough saying, “Power stance is ON! I’m BRAVE, I’m STRONG, I’m COURAGEOUS, and I WILL do this!” Then she claimed, “I will find MY tribe, the people who will STAND with me and not push against me. THOSE are the people that matter.” While she never mentioned Kody, it could equally be almost anyone in her circle who upset the TLC star.

TLC Fan Comment On The Post

Naturally, fans of the  Sister Wives star read and then commented on the post by Meri Brown. Some of them identified with manipulation and stuff that just happens. One of them wrote, “Life is precious and even on a natural course goes by too quickly. Stop wasting your life on people that don’t matter because in a blink of an eye 👁 God can taketh away.”

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