7 Little Johnstons: Did Anna And Liz Johnston Move Into One Home?

7 Little Johnstons speculation ran around on social media since March this year about Anna and Liz moving out. Of course, fans also wonder if and when Jonah moves out. In a series of posts that really give few details, fans are guessing which kid lives where. Well, Trent gave a hint in the comments of one of his posts and Emma started the ball rolling with other hints.

7 Little Johnstons Adult Kids Moving Came From Emma First

Back in March, Emma took to her Instagram and shared a message about her two sisters, Anna and Liz possibly moving out. She wrote, “I can’t believe in my own two eyes that these two will be starting their new journey in a few weeks. Y’all don’t have to leave me, but thank you for the extra space!!” Some fans speculated that Anna and Liz moved in together. However, in a comment, their dad Trent talked about that not being true.

7 Little Johnstons fans briefly wondered if Liz not only moved out but also left the TLC show. However, that came from not reading the hashtags. The family went on an outing and all the kids were there except for Liz. However, if fans read the caption carefully, they could see that it mentioned Liz was working that day. In the new season, fans already saw that Liz featured on the show. However, it’s not yet clear when she moved out of the house or if she moved in with Anna.

7 Little Johnstons Post Reveals That All Three Kids Possibly Have Their Own Homes

TLC fans know that the older kids moving out all started with Jonah. He was told to find his own place and get a decent job. This season, fans saw him arguing with his parents about his new job. However, fans never saw him actually move out. In a new post by the Johnston family on Sunday, three photos show the adult kids in homes. The caption read, “adulting like bosses.” Of course, in the comments, fans debated the accommodation arrangements.

7 Little Johnstons Did Anna And Liz Johnston Move Into One Home

Those 7 Little Johnstons fans who thought Anna and Liz moved in together probably got it wrong. After all, the exterior and interior of the homes look different. Plus, fans know from the show and from Instagram that Anna planned on moving in with a friend. One fan accurately pointed out, “they don’t live together. [they] live in different places. Anna moved out with a different roommate. From the posts they’ve made you can tell they don’t live together.

What About Jonah?

The new photos from 7 Little Johnstons reveal Jonah in a house. The kitchen looks nothing like that of the home Anna moved into. Plus, on Twitter, Trent shared a post that showed them moving stuff on July 5. As the other girls already moved, it must have been Jonah’s move. So, it looks like Anna, Liz, and Jonah all moved into their own places.

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