Isabel Rock Believes Her Spirit Pup Found His Way Back To Her

Isabel Rock grows on Little People, Big World fans as she seems very open, honest, optimistic, and positive. Certainly, she comes over as a non-dramatic person. Well, almost nobody thinks she’s delusional because she believes her beloved pup from years ago died but found her again. After all, who can really know the spiritual world? And how many people believe that of family members who moved on? Certainly, if you ever watched the movie, “A Dog’s Purpose,” you might agree that the dog she has now formerly shared the life of a young teen.

Jacob Roloff’s Wife Isabel Rock Had A ‘Believe It Or Not’ Moment

When it comes to uncanny or inexplicable moments in life, Jacob and his wife certainly experienced one. You might have missed that he shared how they ran across each other many years before they met. That news came from Jacob who watched some old seasons of Little People, Big World. Incredibly, the TLC alum replayed the scene where a giant chunk of concrete fell off the trebuchet and injured him and a family friend. Aged just nine at the time, he only recently realized that Isabel’s mom was the one who alerted Matt. Plus, in the crowd, his future wife stood with other people at the farm.

So, people of a spiritual mindset not closed to the paranormal loved the story. Pre-ordained destiny brought Isabel Rock and Jacob together, they agreed. Meanwhile, others wonder if Isabel potentially entered the life of the Roloffs as a blessing that brings peace during family conflict. The LPBW show, which started out showing the challenges little people face ended up with a better divorce between Amy and Matt. Then, in April this year, the Roloff family got all the family together and they plan it as an annual event.

Many fans wondered if that came about because Isabel often talked about regrets and making things right before loved ones pass on. Perhaps, if she were a character in a JD Robb novel, fans might think she’s a “sensitive.”

The Spirit Pup That Came Back To Isabel Rock

On July 14, Isabel posted up a photo of her dog, plus a photo of a dog that she cherished in her younger years. She explained that after a difficult time when her parents divorced, she and her mom rescued a greyhound. She described how she loved him as a teenager, and they ran together a lot. However, when her mom became sick, they had to rehome him. Her dog Moose that she now has seems uncannily like her old dog Timmy, with a very similar nature and the same needs.

Isabel Rock Believes Her Spirit Pup Found His Way Back To Her

Isabel Rock said, “I don’t know if you believe this like I do, but sometimes I think certain spirits come back to us. And I’m just really glad he did. ❤️” Most fans totally believe that is not only possible but probable. One of them commented, “I totally believe this! Im so happy he came back to you. Shows how much he loved you and your mama. ❤️” Then another fan noted, “I…agree with you, God works in mysterious ways.🙏 he is adorable I just love Animals so much too. Can’t wait to see my little Buddy again.🌈”

LPBW Fans All Hope To Meet Their Loved Ones Again

Like people across the world, everyone hangs onto the hope that some form of spirit lives on after death. Of course, nobody knows until they pass on themselves. In the meantime, hope for a continued existence with loved ones helps people navigate their daily lives without losing their minds. Certainly, it looks like Isabel Rock struck a chord with her followers.

Remember to check back with us often for more news about Isabel and her husband Jacob Roloff, formerly of Little People, Big World on TLC.

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