Jill Dillard Discovers A Nasty Surprise In her Tomato Plants

Jill Dillard really loves pottering around making a garden and the boys, Israel and Sam help her. In fact, they love checking the plants to see if they grew bigger. Now, the tomatoes produced fruit, they probably anticipate eating some home-grown produce soon. However, Jill encountered a nasty surprise as some sneaky creepy crawlies gave her a fright.

Jill Dillard And The  Kids Look After Their Garden

Fans agree that Jill seems like a really good mom. Actually, she seems very creative when it comes to keeping her boys entertained. In the wet weather, she encouraged the kids to take some cookies outdoors while they wore their swimsuits. They enjoyed a feast and then played in the puddles. After that, they all enjoyed a hot drink and sMores around the fire. On social media, Jill often shares ideas on parenting, and fans like it so much that they sometimes use her ideas for their own children.

This year, ahead of summer, Jill Dillard started preparing their own garden. In fact, she took young Samuel to the shops and purchased a big bag of mulch. On National Gardening Day, she said, “Some days you just gotta skip the nap and help mama out with the yard work!” Well, soon enough, Israel joined his little brother and his mom as they became helpers. This summer, the plants mostly thrived but some setbacks came for the sunflowers. Well, the Counting On alum admits she’s not like Jana with a green thumb. However, her tomatoes already started producing fruit.

Jill Dillard Finds Some Sneaky Creepy Crawlies

On Thursday, July 15, Derick’s wife took to Instagram Stories, and she shared some slides after she got a fright. Her photos revealed some nice tomatoes on the bushes. However, she said that she nearly put her hand on a creepy crawly. Actually, it looked so camouflaged it’s no wonder she nearly touched it. Or, should we say “them,” as she enlisted the help of the boys to get rid of them. Fans helped her out with ideas and it turned out she found hornworms invaded her little plantation.

Jill Dillard Discovers A Nasty Surprise In her Tomato Plants

Jill Dillard went with an organic way of removal rather than using insecticides. In fact, and Israel and Sam helped to collect them off the tomatoes plants and they threw them into a bag. Three slides went up with ideas and help from her followers and it seems that hornworms can devastate a small patch of the plants. They grow up to four inches in length according to the University of Wisconsin-madison. Voracious eaters could easily strip a plant of all its leaves. Plus, they can damage the fruit.

More Work In The Garden Next Year

Jill Dillard, according to the University will need to “destroy any burrowing larvae that are attempting to pupate.  Tillage can kill up to 90% of larvae in the soil.” So, once they pick their crop, that means more work for her or they might simply return next year.

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