Counting On Fans Can Reportedly Rule Out Anna Duggar Leaving Josh

Counting On star Anna Duggar stuck by Josh after the molestation scandal came out about him and his sisters. So, some TLC fans assumed that she’d just forgive him after his arrest in April. Meanwhile, others wondered if she might finally get out of her marriage. Well, it looks like any hopes that she might leave Josh can go straight out the window. Apparently, her religion simply won’t allow her freedom of choice.

Counting On Star Anna Duggar Stuck With Josh?

Just 10 months ago, fans speculated on whether Josh might join Anna Duggar and reappear on the TLC show. For many fans, it seemed likely. After all, after canceling 19 Kids and Counting, the show changed its name and returned as Counting on. The proviso seems to be that it was all about the adult kids and their wives and children. However, Jim Bob wormed his way back into it, more and more. Anna also joined some family events. However, any speculations that Josh might return were squashed when the entire show got canned following his arrest for kiddie p*rn.

Counting On star Anna said very little since her husband ended up arrested. However, some fans wonder if Josh protects his wife’s future by transferring LLCs into her name, or if Jim Bob exploits her to spread his business around in her name. Whatever happened, right now, she faces a bleak future if her husband goes to jail. With no other income source, she probably relies heavily on Jim Bob for support. So, there’s no way she can divorce Josh as his religion doesn’t hold with that.

Anna Duggar, Formely Of Counting On Sticks With Josh Because Of God

Fox News ran a piece on July 14. They cited a source who told them that “Divorce is never going to be a first option…It’s going to be a last, last resort.” Apparently, she feels that a divorce would go against the word of God. Well, the bible has a lot to say about divorce and adultery. Bear in mind, Josh also got caught cheating on Anna on a married dating site. Many verses talk about how a man can divorce a wife who commits adultery, But it says nothing about women having any choice in divorce.

Counting On Fans Can Reportedly Rule Out Anna Duggar Leaving Josh

It might be a big dilemma for Counting On alum Anna Duggar when it comes to leaving Josh for child p*rn as well. The bible says some pretty harsh things about harming children. For example, one book says people who do that would be better off to “have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” Unfortunately, the good book’s shy on what a wife should do and doesn’t mention frying him in boiling oil or divorcing her husband.

Literally Following The Bible

Anna Duggar seems to just literally follow the word of the bible. Unfortunately. it seems that the thoughts and moral ideas of women count for very little in the bible. In fact, the Book of Peter says, “wives, be subject to your own husbands, so that even if some do not obey the word, they may be won without a word by the conduct of their wives.” So, not only must she stick by Josh, but by doing that he might be yet be saved.

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