Jessa Seewald Welcomes Her 4th Baby – Will Henry’s Name Stick? (Video)

Jessa Seewald and Ben awaited their fourth child. Well, the little one arrived, and now Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy have a little sibling. Ahead of giving birth, Jessa shared some behind-the-scenes clips of the kids as she went into spasmodic labor. While they waited, Henry came with a name suggestion which made TLC fans laugh a lot While his mom didn’t seem too keen on it, will it stick?

Jessa Seewald Shares First Photo Of The New Baby

When fans heard that Jessa expected another baby, they felt a bit concerned that the couple might keep on popping them out like Anna. After all, they’re not loaded with wealth, and with the Counting On show canceled, they might struggle. Well, they revealed a net worth of $400,000. So naturally, fans hope that they cut back on the number of kids with the income from the show gone. This week, baby number four arrived. Ahead of the birth, Jessa shared some clips about herself and the family as they waited for the arrival of the new cuddle bundle.

Jessa Seewald told her fans on Instagram that she planned on sharing her birth. So, she posted up part one of two on YouTube. The Counting On alum started by revealing the first one and she said she started a rash of cramps and a bit of spotting. However, the hospital staff still felt the baby might be 48 hours away. Cute little Ivy, Spurgeon, and Henry amused themselves as they waited and they chatted with their mom about the gender and name of the new baby.

Jessa Seewald Keeps Gender To herself, Sons Guess It’s A Boy

In her video, Jessa told her Counting On fans that she and Ben knew the gender for a few months. However, they never picked a name for the child. However, she never yet revealed the gender, not even in her post after she gave birth. Nevertheless, the boys seemed convinced it’s a boy. After a bit of coaching from Henry, Ivy agreed. Well, she asked the boys what name they’d choose for the new baby. That came after she told them that whatever it is, they need to accept it, as there are only two choices “a boy or a girl.”

Jessa Seewald Welcomes Her 4th Baby – Will Henry’s Name Stick? (Video)

Henry considered the name for a bit and then he told Jessa Seewald what he suggested. However, she seemed a bit unenthusiastic about it. So did Spurgeon, but he suggested one pretty close to Henry’s suggestion. Henry’s mom said she’d never heard of a name like that. Actually, it originated as a German surname and the House of Names noted the first settler in the USA with the name “landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1738.”

Runk Or Brunk – Will It Stick?

It turned out that Henry wanted a little brother named Runk. Meanwhile, Spurgeon said it’s too common. So, if his mom calls “Runk,” then other kids will come running. So, he suggested they put a B on the front. That way, the child would be known as “Brunk.”

In the comments, TLC fans laughed about the name. However, it might just stick as a nickname by fans for years to come. One of them said, “Omg too cute 😂 ‘runk”… ‘no no brunk.

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