Little People Big World Star Matt Roloff Downs Tools Checks On Family

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff rushed to complete his housing project on the farm ahead of Amy’s wedding. Team Amy fans already feel irritated with him as he said he wouldn’t start any projects until after her wedding. However, he just downed tools to fly out and check on his mom and dad. Hopefully, it doesn’t cause delays and more fights with his ex-wife.

Little People, Big World Star Matt Roloff Tells His Fans His parents Need Prayers

Right now, it looks like the biggest worry on the LPBW patriarch’s mind is his mom and dad. Amy’s wedding comes along in August. However, for now, that needs to take a back seat. His parents, Peggy, (Huny) and Ron Roloff, who currently live in California both face medical issues. So, he’s on his way to check on them. You might recall them from the TLC show as they appeared in the first season. Since then, fans occasionally saw them make brief appearances.

Little People, Big World fans heard that Matt Roloff does some construction work at the moment. In fact, on one of them, all the grandchildren made their marks on the concrete flooring. Fans thought that was a nice gesture as future generations will always remember it. If you don’t know, Matt currently works on a number of projects, including a home for him and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. However, family comes first and Matt flew out after telling LPBW fans the bad news about his parents.

Matt Roloff Of Little People, Big World Rushes To His Parents

Peggy and Ron both face health challenges at the moment. Taking to his Instagram, Matt Roloff told them that his mom took a bad fall. Bear in mind, his mom’s nearly 80 years old now, and elderly people might easily break bones. Plus, the worst of news came when Matt found out his dad was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. It’s a kind of blood cancer, and he faces chemotherapy. At the age of 82, it’s not something anyone wants to hear. No wonder, Matt put his projects to one side.

Little People Big World Star Matt Roloff Downs Tools Checks On Family

Flying out, Matt Roloff shared with his Little People, Big World fans that while he’s away his construction crew will carry on. Obviously, he hopes that it’s all completed in time for Amy’s wedding. However, “taking tome, (sic) to check on folks resets all priorities!” Absolutely, fans agree that’s perfectly fine. Actually, knowing Amy Roloff, she might understand. After all, despite her issues with Caryn and Matt, she understands the importance of family.

Fans Comment And Send In Their Prayers And Love

Little People, Big World fans naturally pray for Peggy and Ron. After all, it certainly won’t hurt. Of course, despite the seriousness of the situation, some fans started complaining about Amy and Caryn. However, it’s really not the time for that. So, one fan put it in perspective. They said, “praying for your parents, we are their age, getting old has, sadly, too many problems.”

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