7 Little Johnstons Family Enjoys A Break In Florida

7 Little Johnstons aired the finale of the TLC show last week and the family took off for a short break. They visited Florida but didn’t stay there long. However, they managed to catch up with Trent’s sister and her family. Plus, Amber joked about Wet-n-Wild, a sport of throwback to the previous season. Certainly, after a drama-filled Season 9, it looked like the family could use some relaxation time.

7 Little Johnstons Family Visited Fort Walton In Florida

Season 9 of the show brought a lot of ugly fights and fans complained about Trent and Amber. Most of the fights came from Anna who clashed with her mom about moving out on her own. Fans saw that Liz moved out in the finale but Anna’s story might bring more next season. Jonah also featured strongly as he searched for a new job. However, he seemed bitterly disappointed as Amber and Trent didn’t jump for joy. He landed a job as a car salesman. However, Amber hated the idea. So, once again, TLC fans complained about how both the parents seem way too controlling. Plus, a lot of fans took aim at Amber for being so toxic.

Well, in Season 8, 7 Little Johnstons fans complained about seeing way too much of Trent and Amber on their quest for intimacy. At the time, they wanted more about the kdis and less about middle-aged people romping between the sheets. So, it seems they just can’t win. Anyway, they took a break and visited Fort Worth in Florida. One of their captions seemed like a throwback to Season 8. A bit of an “Ewww” post, it said, “No caption needed.” Well, it showed Amber and Trent standing on the beach next to a “WetnWild” sign. Some fans picked up on the allusion but took it with good humor.

7 Little Johnstons Photos Reveals Trent’s Sister’s Family & Brice

Amber usually shares the posts on the @team7lj account on Instagram. However, she didn’t say where they visited. A few people talked about the beach being at Fort Walton. However, Emma Johnston posted up and confirmed that’s where they went.  Other photos shared in the last few days revealed that they caught up with Trent’s sister and her family. Actually, they appeared on the TLC show in the past, so you might recognize them. Plus, in some photos, Elizabeth’s boyfriend, Brice Bolden also revealed he was there.

7 Little Johnstons Family Enjoys A Break In Florida

Some 7 Little Johnstons fans who live in or visit the area asked if they could go and see the family. However, it’s hardly likely that the family wanted loads of people taking selfies. After all, they deserve some time together. So, Amber never said, “Yeah, sure, come on down to the beach.” Plus, Amber carefully kept their location out of it. Probably, that came for safety reasons. Most people just seemed happy that they all enjoyed a restful time after the show ended for the time being.

Good Times Come To An End

On Monday, July 17, Amber shared a few more photos and wrote, “ Until next time 🌴🌊.” Well, it seemed a pity they only took a short break. Who knows, perhaps Jonah needed to get back to his job and Liz to hers. 

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