Isabel Rock Confirms She And Jacob Roloff Expect Their First Baby

Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff don’t appear on Little People, Big World, but they remain very popular with TLC fans. Rumors that they might expect a baby started in September last year. Actually, she wasn’t pregnant at the time. But more recently, she started sharing photos of moms and babies So, that made LPBW fans suspect her pregnancy all over again. This week, she and Jacob told the world that they expect a baby in December, and they revealed the gender.

Isabel Rock Will Bring Grandbaby Number Six For Matt And Amy Roloff

Just four years ago, Matt and Amy Roloff had no grandchildren. Tori and Zach produced little Jackson, who was followed shortly thereafter by Jeremy and Audrey’s baby, Ember. Likewise, Tori’s baby Lilah arrived within a few months of Audrey’s son, Bode. Unfortunately, this year, Tori miscarried a third child. However, Audrey expects a third child. Plus, Isabel Rock also expects her first baby. That means that in four years or so, the Little People, Big World Grandparents went from no grandbabies to six. Or at least by the end of 2021.

Isabel Rock always said that she and Jabob Roloff hoped for some kids. In September last year, she told her TLC fans, “Just thinkin’ about what our babies are gonna look like.” Of course, Little People, Big World fans rushed off and sparked rumors. Additionally, they also kept a close eye on any photos of her tummy, or evidence that she might hide a baby bump. Pretty much, most people already accepted that she expected her first child. Additionally, it seemed only right, as many people believed the couple was destined for each other.

Isabel Rock And Jacob Roloff Expect A Baby Boy

The baby announcement arrived via Isabel’s Instagram on Tuesday, July 20. Her caption said, “We are elated to share that the baby boy we have been dreaming of is coming this December ❤️.” In the photo that she shared, Jacob held his hand on her pregnant tummy. Audry Roloff popped up in the comments, saying, “Baby BOYYYYYY💙 cannot freakin wait to meet you!🤗 Praying for you already🙏🏻.” Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler also commented. She said, “SO happy for you two! 👶🏻. You’re glowing!

Isabel Rock Confirms She And Jacob Roloff Expect Their First Baby

Amy Roloff also commented, saying, “Love this and so happy for you both. This grandma can not wait to meet and hold this bundle of joy ❤️.” LPBW fans of Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff also commented on the baby news. Here’s what some of them said:

How freaking exciting!!! I can’t imagine how pure this baby will be having two such genuine and peaceful souls as his parents! Congratulations 💗💗.

Omg congrats y’all! This baby is going to have the BEST parents!!

finally🥲😭 been waiting for this sweet announcement❤️ so stoked for you.

This is wonderful news!! Congratulations Izzy and Jacob ❤️.”


Might Jacob and His Wife Have A Baby With Dwarfism?

TLC fans wondered if Audrey and Jeremy might have a baby with dwarfism. After all, both his mom and dad have it. Plus, his twin brother, Zach inherited the little people gene. When Audrey fell pregnant, if Jeremy had also gotten the dwarfism gene, she stood about a 50% chance of birthing a baby with dwarfism. However he didn’t get it so, the chances were remote. Probably, for Jacob and Isabel Rock, the chances are also very slim.

Remember to check back with us often for more news about Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff and their baby who arrives in December 2021.

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