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Maddie Brown Brush Reveals Makeover Plans For New Home

Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb bought their own home in North Carolina and fans thought it looked wonderful. However, she told her Sister Wives fans that it needs a lot of work. Well, they purchased a really structurally sound home, but age and neglect is evident inside. On July 20, she revealed that Caleb does all the work in-between attending to his usual working day.

Maddie Brown Brush Plans A Special Room For The Kids

Fans know that Janelle Brown’s daughter seems like an excellent mom. Her kids, Axel and Evie take up a lot of her time. However, she sets a lot of parenting goals. So, it shouldn’t really surprise fans that she set aside a special room for the kids in the new home. The new home has a good-sized dining room, but they won’t use it for that. After all, the home comes with a kitchen and dining nook. So, she plans on making the dining room a special area for the kids. Having gotten rid of all the green, pink, and peach colors, she will paint the lower panel in the kid’s playroom dark green. Presumably, that’s so any crayon writing won’t be easily visible.

During her tour of the new home, Maddie Brown Brush revealed that downstairs, all the walls were repainted. They look clean and white and definitely lighten up the place. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, they replaced the flooring tiles. She said that it took Caleb ages as he needed to cut and measure tiles exactly in some places. Still, it looks really nice in dark Pergo Java Scraped Oak colors which is very tough on wear and tear. The Sister Wives star added that they will take that flooring all the way down the passage and up the stairs. The stairs look a bit grim right now with some sort of light-colored carpeting.

Maddie Brown Brush Explains Slow Going But Also Plans External Changes

As Caleb does all the work on the makeover, it’s slow-going. However, the Sister Wives star thinks it’s all worth it. The place looks a bit untidy, as moving and renovating at the same time makes things a bit difficult. Moving outdoors she also revealed her plans for the yard.  It looks like a big yard but it also needs some loving attention There’s a hedge and a couple of shrubs that block her view. So, they plan on removing them. That’s so Maddie can keep an eye on the kids if they play outside.

Maddie Brown Brush Reveals Makeover Plans For New Home

Maddie Brown Brush showed her TLC fans the swimming pool. It’s one of those where you climb up to get into it. That also looks like it’s old. However, they plan on fencing it off. Again, that’s all about the safety of the kids. In one corner of the yard, Janelle’s daughter explained that they plan on staying in the home for years. So, they set aside an area or a volleyball court. She also thinks other play areas might be fun outside. However, they hold off on that for now.

A Fun, Long-Term Family Home

As Caleb and his wife expect to stay there for a long time, it looks like they make sure that it will be a nice home for their family. Potentially, they might think about more kids. Plus, she comes from a large family, so probably from time to time, they invite some of them to stay over.

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