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I Love a Mama’s Boy Spoilers: TLC Show Back With More Very Uncomfortable Moments

I Love a Mama’s Boy spoilers reveal that the show is coming back and it is going to make you more uncomfortable than ever. With the new season returning on August 29, there is a lot to see and even more to make you cringe. These son and mother relatoinships can make anyone scream!

Who’s Coming Back?

There are quite a few returning couples to the show. Matt and Kim will be back and working really hard on setting some boundaries.Their relationship has really started to suffer and his mother, Kelly, is trying her best not to get involved in their wedding, at least not too much. Kim knows just how much he has trouble setting these boundaries and she hopes that he can work on this before they tie the knot.

Next we will see Stephanie, Mike, Liz, Emily, Shekeb, and Laila. Laila and Liz still want to have the final say in their sons’ lives and their significant others aren’t quite sure they can take it any longer. It has been a stressful situation for everyone and now it seems that they need to work on their boundary setting as well.

The New Couples

Along with these veteran couples, we will meet Bryan, his mother Jayne and his girlfriend, Tracy. Tracy tells cameras that she feels as if her relatoinship with Bryan is a “package deal” with Jayne. It seems like this is not the person she wants to share him with though. It is apparent from the spoilers that he has some issues with boundaries as well.

I Love a Mama’s Boy Spoilers: TLC Show Back With More Very Uncomfortable Moments

Jayne likes to feed Bryan every morning and gives him head massages on a regular basis. Tracy feels like she should be the one doing these things for her boyfriend and not his mother. This is starting to make her extremely uncomfortable.

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