Whitney Way Thore Is Fed Up With Fans Discussing Her Weight

Whitney Way Thore stars in My Big Fat Fabulous Life on TLC. Actually,  fans know that she is in the large-sized bracket and she started putting on weight with her PCOS. In fact, she dances and exercises and still struggles. However, she’s not putting her life on hold. Instead, she makes the most of life. So, she really hates it when all fans can do is talk about her weight or her weight loss on her Instagram page.

Whitney Way Thore From My Big Fat Fabulous Life And Weight Loss

In April fans wondered if Whitney went for weight loss surgery as she started posting a lot of filtered photos. However, it looks that that won’t be part of the storyline for the new season of the show. In fact, more recent photos suggest that she looks much the same as when Season 8 ended. Nevertheless, speculation and direct questions, and even criticism go her way for not magically shedding her weight. And, she’s sick of it.

Whitney Way Thore actually has a bit of an advantage with her weight. In one season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, she entered a weight lifting completion. In fact, she even took home a medal. Perhaps she plans on doing it professionally again. In mid-July, she posted a photo of herself wearing a bodysuit and she talked about weight lifting. She noted, “can’t wait to enter another weightlifting competition because this would be the perfect “singlet” to wear!” Still, even with that, no doubt fans continue to irritate her with chatter about her size.

Whitney Way Thore From MBFFL Is fed Up

On Saturday, July 24, Whitney shared a photo of some comments. One of them said, “You still haven’t lost any weight huh?” Then, another comment said, “Girl you lost weight, looking good!”As you can see they sit on opposite ends of the spectrum. But Whitney seems fed up with all of it. She wrote, “This — on everything I post, always. So tired of it, exhausted by it, annoyed with it. Can we please find something else to talk about? Suggest good topics in the comments 🦩.”

Whitney Way Thore Is Fed Up With Fans Discussing Her Weight

Well, fans of Whitney Way Thore responded to the MBFFL star. One said, “Literally anything else!” Then, a comment arrived that noted, “Maybe just turn comments off? It’s not just happening to you tho. I see comments like that everywhere. I’m sure it’s hard to ignore when it happens all the time. Genuine people don’t care what you look like, we are just interested in what you’re up to and what you’re sharing! 🙂”

Fans Suggest Topics

A lot of ideas came in from nice TLC fans. These included Whitney’s cats, a potential clothing line, and her skin regime.

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