Isabel Roloff Shares Her First Baby Bump Photo With Her Fans

Isabel Roloff and Jacob expect their first baby and naturally, they are over the moon about it. They will bring the 6th grandchild into the family of Matt Roloff, and the whole family seems quite excited about the news. Of course, Little People Big World fans want to know everything about this baby, and they follow Isabel’s Instagram avidly. Well, their reward for loyalty came when she shared the first photo of her baby bump this week.

Isabel Roloff Announced Her Baby A Week Ago

Rumors that Isabel might be pregnant swirled since September last year. More recently, Little People Big World fans felt justified in thinking it when Isabel started sharing maternity photos of random people. Then, the official announcement came from the couple. She said, “We are elated to share that the baby boy we have been dreaming of is coming this December ❤️.” A lot of fans think that Jacob and his wife will make excellent parents and several fans said how blessed this baby will be.

Isabel Roloff only had her dogs as her babies until now, and she said that one of them might even be the reincarnation of a fur baby from her childhood. She’s very spiritual in her own way, So, it’s not unreasonable that her thoughts now turn to whether the doggos will take to the new family addition. Taking to her Instagram stories, she shared her first baby bump photo and mentioned her fur babies. Plus, she shared another photo of herself and Jacob on her main page.

Isabel Roloff Contemplates the Doggos In Baby Bump Pic

The cute baby bump photo came along with a caption. Jacob’s wife asked LPBW fans, “How do you think the doggos will be once baby boy arrives?” Then she added that she thinks they will be fine with it. In fact, she thinks that one of them seems to already love the baby growing inside of her. Actually, it’s quite possible the dog knows she’s pregnant. After all, they aren’t stupid animals and can probably pick it up from her hormonal scent.

Isabel Roloff Shares Her First Baby Bump Photo With Her Fans

Well, Isabel Roloff later shared a photo of herself standing with Jacob, this time fully clothed and her pregnancy looks really obvious now. She said, “Mom & Dad clean up pretty well I would say 💗.” A lot of TLC fans responded in the comments. One of them said, “You two are Adorable ♥️ & will be Wonderful parents! 😍” Then another fan noted, “Beautiful couple! Baby boy is already so loved 💙.”

LPBW Fans Grateful That Jacob And His Wife Share On Instagram

Jacob and Isabel Rock don’t star on Little People, Big World. However, they do at least stay in touch with their TLC fans on social media. Fortunately, it looks like they will continue to share the progress of their first baby right through to his arrival.

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates from Isabel Roloff and the rest of the cast in TLC’s Little People, Big World.

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