Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Shares Fun Dinner Theme

Sister Wives star Christine Brown raised six kids, Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Ysabel, Gwendolyn, and Truely. Gwen and Ysabel still live at home, as does little Truely. Clearly, with all these kids, Kody Brown’s third wife learned a thing or two about fun and mealtime. This weekend, she shared a fun dinner theme, and a lot of fans really like the idea. Mind you, some TLC fans thought she missed out one vital ingredient.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Gets Inventive About Mealtime

Fans know that unlike Janelle Brown, Cristine lives in a nice home in Flagstaff. Janelle lives in an RV on the Coyote Pass property, so she doesn’t really have too much space for fun dinner themes. Mind you, they get to sit outdoors and watch the stars in good weather. Meanwhile, Christine and Kody purchased a nice big home, which he signed over to her in November last year. So, she can totally take the time to think about fun stuff, and surely her daughter Truely approves of that.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown seems to have tossed her diet out the window for her themed dinner. Actually, about a year ago she told fans that she followed a diet that is designed for your blood type. Well, it certainly seems to work for her. Fans can’t get over how she slimmed down and lost excess weight. Nevertheless, there’s always room for a bit of fun in life. Plus, as she hasn’t talked about her diet for some time now, it’s not clear that she remains on it.

Christine Brown From Sister Wives Themes a Stranger Things Meal

Taking to her Instagram on Sunday, July 26 Christine Brown shared a photo of some food in her kitchen. In her caption, she said, “Stranger Things food for dinner! Freezer meals, Jiffy Pop, and 3 Musketeers!” Then, in her hashtags, she admitted that the nutrition is probably very low, but they went for it just for some fun. Well, it was the weekend after all, so why not just enjoy it?

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Shares Fun Dinner Theme

Sister Wives fans thought it seemed like a really nice theme for the kids. One of them said, “Amazing!!! We did and “ice cream for dinner” a few weeks ago when we had a monster heat wave. It was all anyone could handle 😂.” Then another one noted, “Well, that’s weird but kinda cool!? 😍” Well, she was talking about Stranger Things which gets really weird sometimes. Meanwhile, other fans commented about how it sounded like a lot of fun. Some TLC fans plan on doing something similar with their own family.

The Midding Ingredient

Dedicated Stranger Things fans reminded Christine Brown that she left out an important ingredient for the theme. A few of them asked her “where are the eggos?” Well, maybe next time? One fan noted, “That’s hysterical😂!!!! I want to eat dinner at your house.”

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