Amy Duggar King Talks About Whether She Plans For More Kids

Amy Duggar King married Dillon, and once they became more financially stable, they welcomed their cute little boy Daxton. She always wanted to be a mom, but took it carefully, so they could assure their son of a good future. Unlike her cousins from Jim Bob’s home, she didn’t sprint to the altar and fall pregnant on her honeymoon. Actually, she was always a bit of a rebel, and Michelle and Jim Bob probably didn’t like her influencing her cousins. Anyway, a fan asked her on the weekend if she plans on more kids and she answered every kindly.

Amy Duggar King Just Tossed The Last Of Her Frozen Milk

Amy often shares photos of her little family, and she clearly adores her son. Plus, Counting On fans like that she stepped up and offers support to her cousin Jill Dillard. Actually, with JoshDuggar arrested for explicit child abuse content, she seems there for Jill even more. In fact, that might stem from the fact that when Josh molested his sisters years ago, Jill ended up one of the victims. Plus, she’s one of the few in the Counting On clan who spoke out about Josh and the charges he currently faces.

Amy Duggar King also seems to get along with Derick Dillard, and she asked him on Instagram if and when the family might talk about the court case. Well, since then, it turned out that everyone’s on an NDA and can’t discuss much about it or the show at all. The NDAs run for a further six months still. So, for now, she seems quiet on that subject but keeps on posting about her life as a working mom. This weekend, she shared a photo of some frozen packets of milk and talked about how it felt back when she was feeding Dax. Plus, she said that the time came to throw out the last of it.

Amy Duggar King Packs Away Her Pump And Pacifiers

In a long post, it seemed like the TLC alum really mourns the lost days when she bonded with her baby. Admittedly, she didn’t feel great at the time, with so much milk. She said. “My clothes were spit up on and my hair was always pulled up and greasy. I felt like a dairy cow, I cared less about makeup or going out. My bras were soaked through and I barely slept and didn’t feel like myself at all.” Nevertheless, good memories linger for her as well. So, she talked about feeding Dax and  “listening to praise and worship music.

Amy Duggar King Talks About Whether She Plans For More Kids

Now those days are behind Amy Duggar King so she added, “it’s time to store the pump away. The swaddles, the bottles and paci’s.” She noted that these days, Dax is into everything and is a typically active kid who adores dinosaurs. Well, as she packs away her pump and assorted baby items, a fan asked, “Do you not want to have another baby/sibling??? 💗💙” Some fans told the person that it’s “actually none of your business.” Then another one even suggested the question was “rude.” However, kind Amy answered for herself.

More Kids Might Come Later

Any told the fan, “nothing wrong with your question💕.” Then she said, “I think we might be too busy right now .. I’d want to give our 2nd so much quality time, and right now we are a little bit too busy. I’d love to adopt as well. To give a child/teen a safe, nurturing loving home would be a dream.” So, in time, perhaps she’ll have that opportunity to sit and bond with another baby.

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