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Little People Big World: Jackson Tests Tori And Zach’s Limits

Little People, Big World fans can’t get enough of Tori and Zach’s little boy, Jackson Roloff. Full of smiles, attitude, and cuteness, he stole the show long ago. However, all children, no matter how cute sooner or later test their boundaries with their parents. TLC shared a clip and he pushed at boundaries so sweetly that his mom and dad struggled not to laugh.

Little People, Big World – Jackosn Roloff Grows Fats But He’s Still A Little Kid

Recently, Tori took Jackson away for a special vacation with her. They went to Disneyland, but Lilah stayed home with Zach. Her parents felt the cutie-pie was really still too small to fully appreciate the place.  Well, Jackson had a total blast and his mom seemed impressed how he took it all on. From the photos, he seemed to be quite a good boy and didn’t seem to give his mom any problems. Tori said on Instagram, “[Jackson] rallied his way through Disneyland like a true champ.” She also noted, “It blows me away how obedient, curious, funny, and confident this kid is.

Well, the little Little People, Big World star isn’t always obedient. Mind you, he’s usually very good with his little sister. In fact, now he’s at big-boy Pre-K, he likes showing Lilah things in books. It looks like he tries to help her learn about the world. Perhaps, like his mom, one day the LPBW kid might consider becoming a teacher. However, he still pushes boundaries, and even then, he does it so sweetly, it’s not easy to keep a stern face. TLC’s clip showed Tori trying to stay serious when she disciplined him.

Little People, Big World – Jackson Roloff Tests His Mom And Dad

In the clip, Jackson got a bit rough with his sister Lilah. So, they sent him to his room. Well, off he sashayed like it’s no problem. So when they called him back from the room, Tori asked him why he was sent away. So, the LPBW star said, “Cos I got into trouble.” Finally, he agreed he was a bit naughty. So he said sorry to Lilah. Then he sassed a bit more and waltzed out the room, saying, “See ya later crocodile.” For Tori and Zach, it seems a bit of a problem.

Little People Big World Jackson Tests Tori And Zach Limits

The Little People, Big World boy just laughs a lot, like he doesn’t take any of their discipline seriously. Of course, because he laughs, it makes everyone want to laugh. TLC Fans chatted about it in the comments. One of them said, “😂😂😂 he knew from [the] jump he did wrong he just testing them 😂.” Then another fan noted, “It is so hard to discipline kiddos with huge personalities. I have two- grown now- that made me laugh all of the time.” Of course, plenty of people gave their advice on parenting as well.

More Comments From TLC Fans

A few fans grew irritated with all the “parenting experts.” However, they presumably meant well. One person wrote, “When they turn 11- 18, you will regret not being firmer when they were younger.” Then another one chipped in with, “Kids like to see our reactions, and when they know they are going to get a positive reaction like laughing they are just going to keep up the behavior! Consistency is so key with kids.”

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