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90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Steven And Olga Make A Life-Changing Decision

90 Day Fiance spoilers revealed that at one stage, Steven Frend and Olga Koshimbetova split. Plus, from the beginning, they looked a bit rocky back in season 6 of the TLC show. However, they later traveled to Russia together and now they look tight again. Fans like that as they have their adorable son, Richie Alex to consider. Now, they announced a life-changing decision and they plan to move away from Maryland.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers Revealed That Steven Frend Was Once A Villain On TLC

TLC fans thought that Steven seemed very selfish and also a bit immature. If you watched Season 6, you might recall that Olga gave birth to their son Richie Alex. However, Steven felt resentful as Olga focused much more on the newborn than on him. So, he ended slammed to the moon and back. Thenvhe returned to the USA, and it took ages for Olga to get across. At one stage, he promoted cannabis products, and TLC fans thought he sampled to goods rather too frequently.

Once Olga arrived in the USA, their relationship certainly saw some ups and downs. Although the 90 Day Fiance stars married, they split about a year later. At the time, they went through some public airing of dirty laundry. Then earlier this year, they went to visit Russia and Alex told fans that they got back together again. Fans wondered if they planned on living there. However they don’t like the cold, so they might buy a summer house there. Back in the USA, they just made a life-changing decision, and Olga sounds really happy about it.

Steven And Olga From 90 Day Fiance Move To The Big Apple

On July 27, Olga took to her Instagram and announced that they move from Maryland to New York. One fan mentioned in the comments, that they previously considered New jersey. So, possibly, that’s their destination. In her caption, Olga said, “Our final decision is New York! Let’s dream come true. 💫 i would really appreciate if you can share a good area, preschool/home day care for Alex 🙏🏼.” Then Steven popped up in the comments and said, “I can’t wait! The big Apple 🍏🗽🇺🇸❤️.”

90 Day Fiance Spoilers Steven And Olga Make A Life-Changing Decison

90 Day Fiance fans who live in New York City reminded others that the Big Apple’s not a bad place to be if they choose the right area to live. Some of them recommended New York or Long Island. Other comments went in and one TLC  fan said, “If you are thinking to move to the city it will be a bit expensive but so worth it! You can look up sunnyside In Queens for a great diverse area with good schools! Also if you want to find nice a community with lots of Russian people look at sheepshead bay in Brooklyn!

New York’s Expensive – What Does Steven Do For A Living?

Back in May, fans saw on TLC that Steven could only find a job as a delivery driver. Well, it was better than nothing during the lockdowns. But it’s not clear what other employment he might find that covers the cost of living in the Big Apple.  If they make such a drastic move, perhaps he already lined up a job there.

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