Isabel Roloff Shares Jacob Throwback Pics, Speculates On Her Own Baby

Isabel Roloff married Matt and Amy’s youngest son Jacob, and TLC fans agree that she seems like a really nice person. She and Jacob don’t appear in the Little People, Big World show, but plenty of people follow them away. So, when the news arrived that she expects her first child, LPBW fans were thrilled for her and Jacob. Plus, they know that Matt and Amy adore the grandbabies. The newcomer will be the sixth grandchild by the time he arrives at the end of the year.

Isabel Roloff And Jacob Announced Their Pregnancy A Week Ago

When the baby news came out, Jacob and Isabel shared it on Instagram. Their post said, “We are elated to share that the baby boy we have been dreaming of is coming this December ❤️.” Well, naturally Little people, Big World fans congratulated them. In fact, a lot of them think the couple probably makes excellent parents. So far, the babies in their home stretch to the dogs but that soon changes. When the news arrived, Caryn Candler, Audrey Roloff, and Amy sounded totally delighted.

Isabel Roloff got herself on a roll and then posted a photo of herself with a tiny baby bump. Plus, a  few photos arrived of her with Jacob, highlighting the evidence of a little one on the way. One story that she posted up revealed one of her dogs, and she thinks that the animals already fall in love with her little boy. In the comments section of her various posts, fans say things like, “You two are Adorable ♥️ & will be Wonderful parents! 😍” Then another fan noted, “Beautiful couple! Baby boy is already so loved 💙.”

Isabel Roloff Shares Throwback Photos Of A Young Jacob

On Wednesday, July 28, Isabel shared some photos of her husband from when he was a baby, through to a young kid. Many fans agreed that the Little People, Big World alum shares a likeness with Tori and Zach’s son, Jackosn. Plus, when he was very small, his dad Matt showed clearly in his looks. Isabel captioned her photo with, “Just thinking about who baby boy is going to look like… I know he will be cute just fun to think about!!” One of the first people to respond was LPBW star Amy Roloff, who totally agreed Jacob was super cute.

Isabel Roloff Shares Jacob Throwback Pics, Speculates On Her Own Baby

Additionally, she told Isabel Roloff, “look at you. A cutie and adventurous girl. He’s going to be a combo of you both 🤗.” Other people threw in their ideas, and definitely, in one photo they see Jackson. Another fan wrote, “A sweet little mix of the two of you. Light brown eyes, and a super cute little nose!

Bode and Ember Likeness For Something Different

One fan suggested something different and said to Isabel Roloff. “Probably similar to his cousins Bode and Ember!

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