Little People Big World Star Zach Describes Road Trip With Jackson

Little People Big World star Zach Roloff packed up his van and he and Jackson set off for California. There, they called on Zach’s grandparents, Peggy and Ron Roloff. Then, they drove all the way back to Oregon. Along the way, they had many adventures and Jackson took it all in his stride. The LPBW star seemed impressed with his four-year-old kid. Actually, he thinks his son’s a bit more flexible than a lot of little kids his own age.

Little People Big World star Zach Roloff Talks About Jackson’s Road Trip

LPBW star Matt Roloff talked about California first. About ten days ago, he told his TLC fans that his mom and dad suffered medical setbacks. His dad fell ill with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. So, he needed to start his chemo treatments. Additionally, his mom, Peggy took quite a bad fall. Therefore, he stopped work on his new house on the farm and flew to Cali. Fortunately, his mom seems okay and his dad already responded to his treatment. Actually, Matt sounded very relieved, as anyone would.

At the time, he mentioned that Zach Roloff and his cute son on Little People Big World also went to California. However, they drove all the way. From Zach’s description of the journey, it seems like Jackson behaved very well. After all, he’s still a little boy, so sometimes, he pushes the boundaries. In fact, it’s a bit of a problem for Tori sometimes. When he’s reprimanded, he just laughs!

Little People Big World – Zach Roloff And Jackson Sleep In The Car

On July 29, Zach shared some photos from their trip. He said on Instagram, “We road tripped down to Grass Valley CA for a quick visit with my grandparents, Jackson’s great grandparents.” Plus, he explained that on the way and back again, they camped out in the car. Out on a Friday, they arrived back home on Sunday, but they found some time for a few explorations. Admittedly, he felt it was “a lot” for the little kid. However, he seemed to cope with it every well.

Little People Big World Star Zach Describes Road Trip With Jackson

The Little People Big World star noted that “Not many 4 year olds can rally like that but Jackson’s not like many 4 year olds… this trip proved that again.” Next, he described how they “made an epic detour coming back and found a cool active fire tower. At the time, “Fireman Bob [was] reporting the fires on Mt Shasta.” Zach ended by saying,  “I love road trips and small towns, takes me back to what seems like simpler times.”

FansComment On Jackson’s Road Trip

In the comments section, TLC fans chatted about the trip and cute Jackson. One of them said, “That’s why Jackson is truly special, enjoying his lifestyle with you and tori and Lila..😍he is supported by love of family values.

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