The Blended Bunch Spoilers: New Season Ahead?

The Blended Bunch spoilers reveal that fans of the TLC show are concerned that they were canceled. It has been quite sometime since we last saw the family and now fans are getting anxious about seeing them again. Some members of the family have been posting on social media and we now know the fate of the series.

The Shemwells Speak Out

The Shemwells were introduced to us by TLC and we learned a lot about their family. The Utah family is made up of a widow and widower and their 11 children. They live in a very small town and are much like the Brady Bunch since they combined their families. Putting together a family like this is tricky, but they have managed to do it and with ease… or mostly with ease.

After the show aired, it didn’t do so well with viewers. The viewers thought that Erica Shemwell was pretty irresponsible and they thought that Spencer Shemwell basically forced the children to blend for a big family. It seemed that the couple really did have a lot of tension and were still grieving over their exes. The reviews were not good on Google or IMDB either.

What’s Next For Them?

With all of these bad reviews, why are some fans stressed that they will not see them again? Will TLC make the gamble to put them on for another season if it wasn’t well received the first time? Well, TLC did not take the gamble. It has come down from a source near to the family that the show has been canceled.

The Blended Bunch Spoilers: New Season Ahead?

The Blended Bunch will not be back on TLC and the diehard fans of the show are a little upset about it. Erica’s brother told fans of the show, “Erica and Spencer seem just fine. If the show goes on, I haven’t decided if I will participate.” Fans of the show can still follow the Shemwells on Instagram and keep up with their lives there.

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