Dancing With The Stars Ex Host Tom Bergeron Tweets Hilarious Video Response To DWTS Firing

Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) fans expressed shock and dismay when beloved host Tom Bergeron was fired. And now, almost exactly a year after he was pushed out the DWTS door, Bergeron has posted the perfect response.

Find out what Tom said and how fans reacted below.

Tom Bergeron Recalls Getting Fired By DWTS Producers

Former Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron keeps his social media followers entertained with his lively posts.

Now once again, Tom demonstrates he could teach a master class on the art of celebrity social media.

From timing to content, Bergeron showed his Twitter followers how it’s done. First, he created the perfect response to getting fired from DWTS with his co-host Erin Andrews. Second, Tom waited to post his tweet on approximately the anniversary of his firing.

And third, Tom managed to mock both the show that fired him and a DWTS pro in a cleverly comic way!

“A hair raising #Throwback from yesteryear (with @MarkBallas,” wrote Tom.

The former Dancing With The Stars host joked in the camera clip about Ballas’ hair care.

Fans React To Tom Bergeron By Slamming Tyra Banks

In response to Tom’s tweet, his followers reacted with praise for Bergeron.

But fans also showed how they REALLY feel about his replacement, Tyra Banks. None of Tom’s followers shared any praise for Tyra.

Moreover, one fan felt so strongly about having Tyra Banks replace Tom that she refused to write the America’s Next Top Model host’s name!

“I can’t stand the show now without Tom and Erin. It’s disgusting and nauseating with You Know Who. She Who Must Not Be Named!” tweeted the fan.

Tom Bergeron’s Firing Causes Fans To Stop Watching DWTS

“The dances now are blandly nice but DWTS is no longer “must see tv”. It needs to be put out of its misery,” responded another Bergeron fan.

And several revealed that they cancelled their cable or turned off Dancing With The Stars when Tom was fired.

“I stopped watching when you left,” wrote one faithful fan.

Several also praised Mark Ballas. One noted that she played back old DWTS shows to view both Mark and tom.

“I still watch Mark’s dances and many times look for you in the background because you so obviously were enjoying them,” tweeted the fan in response to Bergeron. “The showrunners did Mark and his last two partners wrong, just as they did (albeit in different ways) you and Erin. The show is dead to me.”

And one fan even one-upped Tom with regard to memorable video clips! She tweeted her reaction with a video clip from the “Way We Were,” in which Barbra Streisand sang, “Memories.”

“Finally canceled my cable subscription yesterday with no hope in sight of you or
@ErinAndrews returning to @DancingABC,” wrote the fan. “Cue Streisand “Memories….”

Some fans continue to hope that ABC will eventually escort Tyra Banks out that exit door. But would Tom Bergeron return if the network decided to do so?

We hope that we’ll see Bergeron return to primetime TV as host for a show soon. And in the meantime, be sure to check back on our site for all your Dancing With The Stars news and updates!

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