90 Day Fiancé: Is the Potthast Family Faking Their Drama?

90 Day Fiancé spoilers and updates tease that many fans are wondering if the Potthast Family is faking their drama since family members seem to be getting along just fine on social media.

Fans know that Libby Catravet’s family is always at odds with her husband Andrei Castravet, particularly her siblings Jenn, Becky, and Charlie. The three are taking issue with Andrei getting involved in the Potthast family house flipping business. In the show, they’re always bickering but when not on-screen, they seem to have a friendly relationship.

Becky and Jenn Cause Scene In Eleanor’s Birthday

In recent episodes, Becky and Jenn were the ones who always started the fight. Viewers may recall that they ruined the birthday celebration of Andrei’s daughter, Eleanor. They did not only antagonize Andrei but also threw cake at Andrei during the party all because Andrei is planning to flip a home with their father, Chuck. They were both kicked out of the house by Andrei.

Becky and Jenn have no plans of playing nice with their sister’s husband. They both admitted they want more money that’s why they’re considering partnering up to compete with their father’s business. But all this drama seems to disappear when fans look at their social media accounts.

Fans Think Potthast Family Drama is Scripted

One viewer and Reddit user presented a side-by-side photo of the Potthast family during the birthday party. Viewers can see the sisters and Andrei fighting in the stills taken from the show. However, they all look very happy in their social media photos.

The Reddit user said, “More frauding by TLC, they don’t even try anymore.”

“So they had two different parties? One normal one and then one for the cameras where they fought? They really want that spinoff,” another commenter wrote.

90 Day Fiancé: Is the Potthast Family Faking Their Drama?

“The cake throwing was beyond fake. Like they wouldn’t stop mentioning cake, bringing up cake… I kept thinking ‘just throw it already, your acting sucks!, another viewer chimed in.

Some followers noted that Eleanor’s cake was already cut before they sang, which should have been an issue if they were celebrating her birthday. That’s why a growing number of viewers now believe that the Potthast family drama is fake.

Some commenters called them out for their shameful behavior on TV while others say that do so for fame and they don’t care whether they become the villains of the show.

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