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Derick Dillard Nurses More Talent Than TLC Fans Know

Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar used to feature on Counting On that aired on TLC. However, they left a few years ago and since then the entire show was canceled. Increasingly popular these days, it just goes to show that people who leave TV can still retain a lot of fans on social media. Actually, Jill often shares clips and photos of what the family gets up to. Eagerly received by loyal fans, they appreciate them very much. This week, Jill shared some photos that revealed Derick had more talent than fans ever knew.

Derick Dillard – A Hardworking Man

For a long time now, Counting On fans saw that Derick went back to school and studied law. Actually, he worked part-time doing delivery jobs and that sort of thing while he studied hard. In-between all of that, he also spends a lot of time helping out Jill with the two boys, Samuel and Israel. In fact, no matter how busy life gets, he makes time for them. Often, he sets aside the time to read them storybooks. Plus, as a family, they make the time for the outdoors. Quite often they go camping, or they visit Safari Parks which the boys enjoy very much,

Derick Dillard’s super clever and he already graduated from Oklahoma State University. There, he qualified in Business Administration, Economics, and Accounting. Meanwhile, he studied law at the University of Arkansas.  Finally, in May this year, it all paid off and he graduated in front of his wife with all the other students. It was a very proud moment for both of them. Naturally, plenty of TLC fans sent in their congratulations.

Derick Dillard – Sporting Talent

While he studied, Jill sometimes shared photos of him out in his running shorts. Unfortunately, he loves to run, but for some reason, he suffers from a gag reflex of some kind. Possibly, it gave him trouble as a young adult. Well, if it did that might explain why he never went pro with sports at college. However, he certainly showed some talent in the batch of photos that Jill shared from last weekend. The family went to the playground and enjoyed a lot of physical fun together.

Derick Dillard Nurses More Talent Than TLC Fans Know

Jill and Derick Dillard enjoyed pizza in the park with the two boys. Plus, Israel and his dad messed about on the basketball court. Jill captioned her post with “playground + basketball + pizza + family = weekend well spent! 🍕🥰.” Well, one photo showed Derick looking like he aced it on the basketball court! So, a lot of impressed fans commented about it.

Showing Off The Hops

Derick Dillard was featured in more than one photo, but one of them revealed he’s got the knack for the game. One fan commented, “Derick’s showing off the hops in that last photo 👀.” Then another fan wrote, “[The] last photo of Derick is epic! 👏🏻.” More comments followed like this, “Great picture of Derek leaping to shoot” and this, “Ok Derick with the jumper 🏀.”

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