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My 600-LB Life Star Gina Marie Krasley Has Passed Away

My 600-LB Life Star Gina Marie Krasley has passed away at the age of thirty. At one stage, she claimed that she shed 200 pounds. Right now, it seems that some sort of illness killed her and her TLC Fans naturally feel very sad about it. She was one of the cast who joined in on a lawsuit against Megalomania, so, it’s not clear what happens with that now that she died. When fans first met her on the show, Gina weighed in at a whopping 700 pounds, and Dr. Now feared that she might end her life prematurely.

My 600-LB Life Star Gina Marie Krasley Passed Away On August 1

Gina qualified for the show back when people still needed to weigh 600 pounds or more. However, they have since lowered the bar and accept people who weigh in at about 500 pounds. Not that that will affect Gina now, as her journey with the show ended. Actually, it seemed that Gina really didn’t enjoy the time she worked with Dr. Now, and she never really met his goals for her. Finally, she sued the production company for mistreating her. In fact, she claimed that they enabled her overeating to create more drama.

My 600-LB Life Star Gina Marie Krasley wasn’t the only one who sued. More recently, some concerns arose that the show might have been filmed during the coronavirus quarantine. Allegedly, TLC filmed for some weeks in various states, despite being aware of lockdown regulations. That sort of news might have infuriated Gina Marie Krasley. Well, after falling out with the production company and Dr. Now, she actually lost weight on her own. However, now she died, it seems to have all been to no avail.

My 600-LB Life Star Gina Marie Krasley Obituary

Soap Dirt reported on the fact that Gina passed away. Actually, the outlet found out that she passed away days after experiencing some medical issues. Reportedly, she suffered from “pain in her legs” and her “fingers were numb.” Actually, her mom had to help her with the phone when she made her videos for social media. So, she stayed under home care but set an appointment with “a neurologist on Thursday, July 29.” Previously, she told her fans that at least one doctor suspected she might have Multiple Sclerosis.

My 600-LB Life Star Gina Marie Krasley Has Passed Away

The obituary for My 600-LB Life Star Gina Marie Krasley didn’t say what ailed her at the time of her death. TV Shows Ace reported that it seemed very vague. However, given her bad health, it could have been almost anything that carried ehr away on her final journey. Actually, it all sounds rather tragic as the very large lady lived to dance. The outlet noted, “Gina…is credited for starting a trend called ‘dancing has no size limit’ on TikTok.”

30th Birthday In January

Gina celebrated turning thirty in January this year. To celebrate, she shared a clip on TikTok that definitely showed that she had slimmed down a lot. However whether she actually shed the 200 pounds she claimed, or not, wasn’t clear.

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