Jill Dillard Photo Dumps Family Seaside Vacation Pics

Jill Dillard seemed ready for a break following the news that her brother Josh Duggar was arrested. Already, she and her mom and dad clashed as she and Derick left Counting On. So far this summer, once Derick graduated, they managed to get away on a short camping trip. Plus, they also did a bit of that on her birthday. Now they visit Oregon and the kids enjoy the beach.

Jill Dillard Is All About The Outdoors

TLC fans love it when the Duggar daughter posts up the fun things that the family gets up to. Not overloaded with cash, it’s nice to know that Derick finally graduated from law school. So hopefully, they can spend a bit more of his earnings on relaxing. Jill loves getting the kids outdoors and they always seem happiest when they go camping or potter around in her yard. Counting On fans like it that the kids, Sam and Israel learn about nature and growing things. Well, now they all set down the gardening tools and went to the beach.

Fans also know that Jill Dillard always shares videos on YouTube, or posts photos on her Instagram whenever the family does anything. When they went camping at the Buffalo River, she shared some clips of the boys looking at some Elk. Plus, Derick made them all breakfast on the fire. It looked like good, wholesome family fun. Well, now they visit the beach, she went all out with a photo dump of the family vacation.

Jill Dillard And The Seaside Photo Dump

It looks a bit cool in Oregon right now, so the first photo that Jill popped up showed them on the beach but dressed in their clothes. The family huddled for a group selfie and Israel and Sam grinned from ear to ear.

Jill Dillard Photo Dumps Family Seaside Vacation Pics
Credit Jill Dillard | Instagram

Mom also posted up a nice photo of Derick with the kids on the boardwalk. Little Sam’s face is priceless, fans agree.

Jill Dillard Photo Dumps Family Seaside Vacation Pics 2
Credit Jill Dillard | Instagram

Jill Dillard also posted up this photo of the boys looking out at the sea. Probably, they were asking when they could go and explore.

Sam and Israel
Credit Jill Dillard | Instagram

Counting On fans can’t get over how big Israel looks these days. Plus, he really seems to take his looks from his dad, Derick.

Israel Dillard at the beach
Credit Jill Dillard | Instagram

The First Day

Jill Dillard never said how long they plan on staying at the beach. However, they obviously stay for a while. In her caption, she said, “1st day in Oregon is a hit!” Knowing Jill, it’s probably a good bet that somewhere outside of the photo, she has a bag of healthy snacks and drinks for her bys.

Israel and Sam Dillard on the beach

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