Meri Brown On Friday With Friends: Where To Watch It

Meri Brown and her friend Jenn Sullivan get together and hold a live podcast called Friday With Friends. Sister Wives fans love it as it brings a very different person than what they see on the TLC show. Often hilarious, fans seem to become increasingly happy with it. Usually, it takes place at the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn BNB in Parowan, Utah. While fans can watch it after the recording, a lot of people prefer to check it out live as they interact with their followers.

Meri Brown And Her Friend On Friday With Friends

Kody’s first wife started spending a lot of time at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn after her mom Bonnie passed away. Recall, a few seasons ago, the Sister Wives star wanted to buy the property that previously belonged to her ancestors. Well, the other wives and Kody seemed rather dismissive of the project. Nevertheless, she raised the cash she needed, and eventually, she managed without them. Since then, the BNB has won awards for excellence. At the moment, her friend Jen Sullivan temporarily manages the place for her in the absence of Bonnie.

Meri Brown gave at least one hint on an earlier Friday With Friends that Sister Wives might return for another season. Actually, she told her fans that she couldn’t talk about new seasons because she’s under an NDA. Mind you, she seldom talks about spoilers for the show. And, don’t expect her to diss on Kody, or talk too much about the rest of her family. Mostly, she and Jen keep things light and amusing and it seems like it’s only loosely structured, if at all. Often hilarious, TLC fans can’t get enough of it.

Why Fans Love Meri Brown And Jenn On Friday With Friends

Jenn and Meri might be friends, but they make it fun of for fans when they go live as the fans also become part of the friendship. When people comment or ask questions, the two ladies address them while they chat. So, it feels rather like a bunch of people sitting around chatting about all sorts of things. In fact, many fans settle in with a glass of wine to enjoy the interaction. Mostly unscripted, sometimes, hilarious things happen.

Meri Brown On Friday With Friends Where To Watch It

Last week’s Friday With Friends got Meri Brown, Jenn, and their audience crying with laughter when the puppies interrupted the show. Actually, it became sidesplitting when Jenn said one of them peed on her. Plus, they barked and barked at the camera and stole the show for a while. One fan reacted saying, “Oh my gosh – just watched this morning & laughed till I cried! First time viewing but so glad I did! Now I wanna come hang out! 🙌🙌.” Meri suffered a sad life sometimes as Sister Wives fans know. But, you won’t see her crying on the podcast unless it’s from laughing too much.

Where And When To Watch The Podcast Live

Mer Brown is in Utah, so take that into account when you calculate when to tune in live. The show comes on Fridays evenings at 7 p.m. (PST). You can find it on the @realmeribrown account on Instagram.

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