7 Little Johnstons Spoilers: Elizabeth Johnston Updates Fans On Relationship With Bryce Bolden

7 Little Johnstons Spoilers suggest that Elizabeth Johnston is usually quiet about her private life on social media. However, Elizabeth has decided to give fans an update on her life with Bryce Bolden.

Elizabeth Surprises Fans

7 Little Johnstons Elizabeth chose to surprise fans by offering an update on her life since she has moved out on her own. Elizabeth’s sisters Emma and Anna Johnston are the social media queens of the family. Elizabeth prefers to keep to herself when it comes to her private life. However, at the end of last season, Elizabeth moved into her own home and her parents offered some advice about her life and her boyfriend. Has Elizabeth taken her parents’ advice to heart? Is Elizabeth still living by herself or has Bryce moved in with her? Here is what Elizabeth had to say about her and Bryce’s relationship.

What’s Happening In Elizabeth’s Life?

7 Little Johnstons’ Elizabeth states that she is still alive since fans had been wondering where she was since the season finale. Elizabeth also answered several other fan questions as well. Elizabeth and Bryce are still together and still very much in love. Elizabeth is determined to make her dreams come true and is in nursing school currently.

Becoming a nurse is a very important thing to Elizabeth and she plans to get her nursing license and getting a job as a nurse. Elizabeth has been catching up with girlfriends as well as visiting the beach. Elizabeth has also been fishing again which she seems to love. Elizabeth also shows off her beautiful white fur baby Georgia who she is very happy to have with her. Elizabeth included her photo diary with her answers as well.

7 Little Johnstons Spoilers: Elizabeth Johnston Updates Fans On Relationship With Bryce Bolden

Loving Her Independence

7 Little Johnstons’ Elizabeth is thrilled that she has moved into her own house. Independence from her family is very important to her and she is thoroughly enjoying that. Elizabeth shows off her home and furniture in her Instagram post as well. Now that Elizabeth has her own place, what else does she want for her future? Now Elizabeth doesn’t have to answer to her family nor abide by their rules. Moving out into her own house seems to have been exactly what Elizabeth needed. Will her independence be an inspiration to her siblings? Will Elizabeth and Bryce take their relationship to the next level soon?

As Elizabeth continues to live independently she will certainly grow more assured of herself and her decisions. We look forward to seeing what the future brings for Elizabeth and Bryce.

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