I Am Jazz Fans Fear For Jazz Jennings Health As Recent Photo Emerged

I Am Jazz fans knew a new season of the TLC show was in the works from Jazz Jenning’s Instagram. However, confirmation by the network only came just over a week ago. Now, as Jennings becomes more active on social media, fans start stressing about her health. It’s not just that she battles with weight, but that she doesn’t look too well, fans think. While she can’t struggle with PCOS, they worry about other underlying medical conditions.

I Am Jazz Returns – Jazz Jennings Hypes The Show

Fans first heard about Season 7 of the TLC show when Jennings shared a clip of the family and crew dancing and singing about being a fabulous family. Naturally, her many fans seemed thrilled about the news. After all, they last saw the family on TV back in March 2020. Variety chipped in the news that filming for the show already started. However, no actual premiere date arrived. However, confirmation of the show arrived and fans just need to wait a bit for the actual premiere date.

I Am Jazz spoilers seem thin on the ground, but fans noticed that Jennings certainly put on a lot of weight. Well, you might recall in the previous season that her mom stressed about her bingeing on comfort food. Well, in mid-June, she very candidly addressed the issue and shared photos of herself looking larger than before. At the time, she claimed that she gained 100 pounds in two years. However, she added that she posted the photos as she needs to take accountability for her over-eating habit.  Actually, it sounds like her weight issues probably feature in the new season of the show.

I Am Jazz Fans Fear For Jennings Who Looks Much Bigger

When she talked about accountability, Jennings also noted that perhaps some of her weight came because of various medications. Well, if you know the show, Jazz underwent bottom surgery. Additonally, some complications landed her back in hospital again. It’s not clear what meds she might be on that cause weight gain, but fans start worrying about it now. TLC fans genuinely don’t try and body-shame the TLC star and they sounded concerned because they care.

I Am Jazz Fans Fear For Jazz Jennings Health As Recent Photo Emerged

The photo that showed the I Am Jazz star looking hefty came when she promoted some skincare products for Walmart. She wore a short tie-dye frock and fans noticed that she really grew big. One fan said, “I doubt she has PCOS because she has no ovaries or female organs but it could be another medical problem. That’s why people comment about it. They are concerned.” That came when some fans chided other people for discussing the TLC star’s weight gain.

Should Fans Worry About Her health?

A lot more comments went in about how Jennings gained weight. However, should fans really stress themselves too much? After all, they know from previous seasons that she sees doctors a lot. Also, they know her mom and dad really care about her health. Additonally, it’s not like she’s ready to sign up for My 600-LB Life. Hopefully, in the new season, fans see her tackle her problem with expert consultants.

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