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The Bachelor Fans React To The Idea Of Tyler Cameron As The Lead

The Bachelor rumors and speculations as to the next lead come with the closure of Katie Thurston’s The Bachelorette. Well ABC fans know that often, the new lead comes from the hopefuls from The Bachelorette. So, when a rumor arose that Tyler Cameron might be the next lead, fans reacted. Actually, for a good-looking guy who’s got some pizzazz, he got a surprisingly lukewarm reception to the idea.

The Bachelor Rumor About Tyler Cameron

Tyler appeared in Hannah Brown’s Season of The Bachelorette and fans really thought they would hit the home run. However, she turned him down in favor of Jed Wyatt and that ended when she heard he cheated on his girlfriend. Belatedly, she offered Tyler second helpings and they went on a date. However, just days later, he popped up with Gigi Hadid. That put Hannah’s nose out of joint a bit, but the affair was short-lived. Later she spent time with him during the coronavirus quarantine but it came to nothing.

Rumors about The Bachelor casting Tyler Camron as the new lead had some fans shaking their heads. After all, it’s known that he started dating Camila Kendra. However, some of them didn’t know that in recent days they split up. Additonally, fans would rather prefer some new blood, like the guys from Katie Thurston’s season. One thing that fans know is that he’s hot, beautiful to look at, and a close friend of Matt James. Well, Matt’s season turned out a bit wish-washy and nobody wants a repeat of that.

The Bachelor Rumor Came On Instagram

The possibility of Tyler Cameron being the next lead arose on the @bachelor_dishes_the_dirt account on Instagram. On August 11, they shared a card that read, “Rumor has it that some people think Tyler C. is being considered for Bachelor. Well, instead of people jumping for joy, a lot of them felt they hated the idea. Obviously, some people loved the idea and one of them even asked where they could sign up. However, the bulk of them came with valid arguments against it.

The Bachelor Fans React To The Idea Of Tyler Cameron As The Lead

A few fans of The Bachelor thought the recent split between Tyler Cameron and Camila Kendra brought a ring of truth to the rumors. After all, it seems conveniently timed. Naturally, if he’s already dating someone, that would rule him out for consideration. Actually, some fans think he’s such a “player,” that he’d dump anyone for the opportunity to score some further screentime on the ABC franchise.

Other Fan Reactions

In the comments section, one fan said, “No. Just No. Andrew or Michael.” Then another one noted, “He’s Matt’s best friend. Birds of a feather. If his personality is anything like Matt, I’ll pass.” More comments came in like this one: “Hell no…that’s so last year.” Others think he plays the field too much and a fan wrote, “Oh NO he is never pleased with any of the pretty women he has been with – he must be looking for perfection.”

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