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Counting On: 1,000 Days Since Abbie Put A Smile On John Duggar’s Face

Counting On fans still follow Abbie and John Duggar even though TLC canceled the show. Mind you, even though the show ended, interest in the family remains very high. Of course, that’s not likely to change until the outcome of Josh Duggar’s trial comes out. Actually, many fans feel that it’s quite sad that all of the family lost their TV show because of one person. This weekend, they shared how he and Abbie have been together for 1,000 days now. Fans agreed that Abbie certainly put a smile on his face.

Counting On – John David Duggar And Abbie Share A Common Love

John David Duggar seems a bit different from his brothers in the large clan. For a start, he became a constable. Meanwhile, his brothers like Jed went into real estate like their dad, Jim Bob. Also, John openly courted Abbie, whereas Jed married Katey Nakatsu secretly. Even Abbie seems a bit different from the run-of-the-mill wives in the family. After all, fans know she and her husband both shared a love for flying airplanes. In fact, last month, she and John went off to an airshow in Wisconsin shortly after she obtained her pilot’s license.

Counting On fans adore seeing photos of John and Abbie’s little girl, Gracie, and mostly, fans have only got good things to say about the couple. However, they picked up a lot of heat when they visited SeaWorld during a vacation to Florida. Even PETA slammed them for showing support for sea creatures being held in captivity. Actually, the animal rights people even called them out personally for encouraging people to spend their money at the place. Apart from that though, very little scandal lies in their wake since they tied the knot.

John And Abbie Remind Fans Of Counting On About Their Love

On August 14, John and Abbie’s Instagram account revealed a new photo of them in a selfie. John Duggar smiled a huge smile and Abbie stood close to her husband. The caption read, “1,000 days of marriage, it gets sweeter as the days go by! 💕.” Actually, most people count their marriages in years, but these lovebirds obviously count it down by each sunrise and sunset. Of course, fans sent in their congratulations and commented about how happy they looked. However, more than one fan noticed that since he married Abbie, John smiles a lot.

Counting On 1,000 Days Since Abbie Put A Smile On John Duggar's Face

Here’s a sample of what some Counting On fans said about Abbie putting  a smile on John Duggar’s face:

John I don’t think you’ve stopped smiling since you found Abbie! Up til then not so much. Thx Abbie! ❤️

Great photo of you two, John didn’t know u could smile so big, looks good! ❤ 😊😊

Those are some bright, big smiles. You guys must have the marriage thing All figured out!

You guys make my heart smile .”


Fans Want Them  Back On Television

Some TLC fans only just heard that the show was canceled. One of them sadly told Abbie and John Duggar how much they miss seeing them on TV. Meanwhile, others pointed out that it seems so unfair. One of them noted, “Just heard Counting on has been canceled! No no no Yall are not responsible!

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