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Counting On Spoilers: Kendra Duggar Is 23 Now

Counting On spoilers reveal that Kendra Duggar has turned 23. She is the newest family member to the Duggar family and married Joe Duggar just a few years ago. She recently celebrated her birthday and she has had three children since their marriage at the age of 19 years old! There has been a lot of love and bliss in their marriage so far and fans love seeing them together. There is one thing that fans are worried about though. They are worried that she is on the same path as Michelle Duggar to have a lot of children.

Popping Out Kids

When Kendra and Joe got married, they started having children immediately. They are both from families that have a lot of children in them, so some fans think that they may follow in those footsteps. Many fans think that they started having kids too quickly and this is going to ruin Kendra’s young life.

Reddit users were all over the fact that she had just turned 23 and it seems to be time for them to pop out another kid. One user joked that they were worried about how many kids she would have by the time she was 30. They also joked about the fact that her youngest is 6 months old and it was probably about time for her to have another one.

What Fans Think

Fans do think that Kendra will have another child this year. In fact, many think that she is holding off on telling fans because of all of the drama in the life of the Duggars right now. It cannot be easy on any of them to be part of the allegations put on Josh Duggar.

Counting On Spoilers: Kendra Duggar Is 23 Now

It seems that there is a lot of added pressure from family and fans on if Kendra will have another child. We hope that with three already, she can keep herself busy. You never know with the Duggar family though. They do love to have kids!

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