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Unexpected Alum Hailey Tilford Re-Allows Social Media Comments

Unexpected alum Hailey Tilford and Hailey Tomlinson seem inextricably joined together as they share the same baby daddy, Matthew Blevins. Good news came for fans of the TLC show, as both of the mothers allowed their kids to meet each other. Actually, fans thought they showed a remarkable level of maturity. However, opinion turned away from Hailey Tilford and she went away from social media. Not for the first time, but sooner or later she returns. However, now she’s back, she actually started allowing comments, which seems rather surprising.

Unexpected Alum Hailey Tilford Became A Troll Target

During Season 3 of the TLC show, Hailey Tilford and Matthew Blevins took a lot of heat. Recall, when fans first met her, she featured as a side character to the storyline of Thomlinson. Allegedly besties at school, she cheated with Matthew, leaving his baby mommy high and dry. On the Tell-All, the news arrived that Tilford expected a baby with Matthew. So, she became a troll target and endless trollers slammed her on social media. Over on Instagram, it didn’t help that her user name was @get_like_hailey.

Unexpected alum Hailey Tilford soon booted Matthew so he wasn’t around for the birth of their son Levi Carter. In fact, she took up with a new guy, Cole Smith. However, that also came to an end, and briefly, Matthew featured in her life again. That is until the news arrived that she moved on and shared a bed with one of his relatives. That also came to an end and in a storm of anger about all the trolling, Hailey Tilford went away from Instagram again. It came amidst rumors that Hailey Thomlinson might expect another child.

Unexpected Alum Hailey Tilford Returns To Instagram

Only a few posts remain on Hailey’s Instagram. Actually, her various rants and rages about her life disappeared completely. Then, about two months ago, she started sharing more photos of her son Levi. Actually, she wisely blocked fans from commenting. Still, not many photos came along until August 6. Then, surprised fans noticed straight away that she re-allowed comments on her newer posts. In fact, since then, she shared three more photos and yes, comments remain up.

One Unexpected fan said to Hailey on August 6, “Ik ur gonna turn the comments off but I’m so happy ur thriving!!!! Sending love and all positive thoughts, prayers, vibes, smoke signals, everything!♥️♥️♥️” Well,  she didn’t. In the post, she shared really cute photos of her little boy, Levi. They enjoyed some time at the beach. In her caption, Hailey wrote, “You may not remember your first beach trip but I’m so glad you got to experience it baby 😊.”

Unexpected Alum Hailey Tilford Re-Allows Social Media Comments

Actually, nobody trolled on Hailey in the comments. So either they tired of it and went away, or she does some serious blocking on her account.

More Posts Come In With Comments Allowed

More posts came in and Hailey Tilford stuck with the beach theme. This weekend, she shared a photo of herself and told her fans in the comments that they came from a vacation two weeks ago. So, fans needn’t worry about her being in the path of any hurricanes right now. In her caption on that post, she wrote, “letting go is hard but being free is beautiful 🤍🌸.”

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