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90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Mike Youngquist Gives Update

90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal that Mike Youngquist has been opening up more about his relationship with Natalie Mordovtseva. On Instagram, his fans were shocked when he revealed that he and Natalie are no longer together. We all thought that they were done on the last season of the show, but they got back together and tried to work on their marriage. It seems that nothing they can do can save their marriage and he has commented about their split.

Did Mike Want to Work On Marriage?

When Natalie did everything that she could to work on her marriage, some fans thought that Mike didn’t even try. There were times that he called her out on being ungrateful and selfish, but even after he called her names, she still did her best to try and make things right for the couple. Nothing she did seemed to work, so it looks like they have called it quits.

Mike hasn’t posted on Instagram very much, but he recently posted and fans were shocked to see it. He posted a picture of himself shirtless and captioned it, “Happy summer. Live life to the fullest and enjoy every day.” We saw his Uncle Beau in the pool with him and there was no sign of Natalie.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Mike Youngquist Gives Update

Did Natalie Move?

After we saw the first Tell-All episode, many of us began to realize that Natalie has moved to Florida. Mike doesn’t seem to be bothered by this fact and is still living it up in Washington. Fans have said that they have seen Mike with other women, but there have not been any pictures shared on his social media.

Perhaps Mike is enjoying his life without Natalie and just trying to get back to himself. We all need some self care and it looks like Mike is doing the best he can to take care of himself these days.

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