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Bachelor in Paradise: After Wedding Delay Fans have Questions, Dylan and Hannah Respond

Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin got engaged in 2019 on Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise and, ever since then, fans have been flooding them with questions about when it is going to happen.

Every couple that is in the public eye surely understands that fan interaction is inevitable but the couple is more than a little concerned that some of their fans seem awfully angry.

Bachelor in Paradise: Still Planning Wedding Despite Pandemic

Hannah, 26, and Dylan, 27, are still going about planning their special day, regardless of how the fans are taking it.

Hannah spoke with E-News about it, saying it was funny that people were getting so angry. Her response to the angry comments? “Are y’all that mad?’ We went through a pandemic.”

And clearly, the pandemic has made everyone’s lives more complicated – Hannah and Dylan are not an exception.

Fans should keep that in mind.

Bachelor in Paradise: Hannah and Dylan Are Cool With ‘Just Chillin’

Hannah continued, saying that they were “chillin,” that since they held a mortgage together, they’ve been cool with “just chillin.”

She went on to express hope that one day soon they would be able to give the fans what they have been wanting and make them happy.

Bachelor in Paradise: Dylan Seems More Certain of a Time Frame

Dylan seemed more ready to give a date, “Spring 2023!”

He said, “It takes 12 months to plan a wedding” and that they had no desire to have a wedding in Winter adding that they have looked at venues.

Their guest list could be as large as 500 or as low as 100 but they made clear that fans might not recognize every attendee.

They said plan to have some of their closest friends with them at the wedding – especially the ones that have been with them since before the reality show.

Bachelor in Paradise: After Wedding Delay Fans have Questions, Dylan and Hannah Respond

Hannah said that the delay in the wedding has perhaps let them mature and look at things differently – helping them to narrow down the list.

“Kind of like this is who’s important in our life now, not just when we’re all over the place.”

Bachelor in Paradise: Enjoying Life

Despite the delays in their wedding, the two are thoroughly enjoying their new home and entertaining in their spectacular backyard.

You might even say that, at this point, the wedding is really just a technicality.

The two are also keeping up with the Bachelor Nation franchises and wondering who the next bachelor will be.

It seems that they’re rooting for Mike Johnson or Blake Horstmann but we’ll soon see if they get their wish.

Catch Bachelor in Paradise Mondays and Tuesdays at 7 PM on ABC.

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