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Bachelor in Paradise: After First Date, Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb Could Be a Couple

The object of the Bachelor in Paradise is to fall in love and Abigail, 26, and Noah, 26, appear to be off to a running start.

One episode into the show and couples seem to be already finding their preferred partners.

There is a rose ceremony around the corner and in it, 13 guys will be choosing from 10 girls and that means some are going to lose out right out of the gate.

The girls have a great incentive to impress their marks.

It seems that Abigail Heringer has nothing to worry about in this respect because Noah Erb expressed a desire to get to know Abigail rather quickly.

Bachelor in Paradise:

The two seemed to pair well together, almost immediately, and other contestants even noted how cute they looked together.

Noah wasn’t a fan favorite previously, but the outlook seems to have brightened considerably once he paired with Abigail.

Fans tweeted approval.

One fan tweeted, “Noah? Being likable? I smell a redemption arc – but can’t lie he and Abigail are adorable together #BachelorInParadise”

Other fans who don’t seem to like Noah are protective of Abigail, tweeting, “Not me actually really liking Noah… He better treat my girl Abigail right #bachelorinparadise”

Bachelor in Paradise: As First Dates Go

As first dates go, this one seemed to go rather well. But what would a good first date be without a serious moment or two?

Taking the Bachelor in Paradise more seriously than fans might have expected, the two got serious almost immediately, discussing their objectives for this Bachelor in Paradise experience.

Abigail pointed out that she likes to take things slow, and she made sure to tell Noah that she won’t move unless she’s sure about her feelings and that, for her, the friend zone is always an option.

Bachelor in Paradise: After First Date, Abigail Heringer and Noah Erb Could Be a Couple

“Abigail can put whoever she wants in the friend zone including you Noah. #BachelorInParadise”

Another fan tweeted, “me rolling up to paradise if i hear anyone has made Abigail the tiniest bit sad #BachelorInParadise”

Still, though there are doubters and Noah has a tough road ahead in order to win them over, other fans have tweeted support for both of them.

One fan had this to tweet, “I am shipping Abigail and Noah so hard right now. I already hope they make it till the end #BachelorInParadise”

And still another fan tweeted, “*seeing Abigail and Noah’s date and being all* #BachelorInParadise” along with a gif expressing the song, “Can you feel the love tonight” with an image of Simba and Nala from the Lion King.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 PM on ABC.

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