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Bachelor in Paradise: Who is Host Lance Bass?

It appears that The Bachelor and Bachelorette veterans are ready to jump into the pool of love one more time, and this time it will be Bachelor in Paradise.

With the former host, Chris Harrison, gone and apparently, not missed, the cast members are ready for a new season with a new host, 90’s heartthrob and INSYNC veteran, Lance Bass.

So, before the show, let’s delve into who this guy really is.

Bachelor in Paradise: From Baptish church choir to NSYNC

Born on the fourth of May 1979, in Laurel, Mississippi to a father who was a medical technologist and a middle school teacher mother, Lance Bass came from a family of practicing Christians and staunch conservatives.

He began discovering his voice while singing in the Baptist church choir and later joined a statewide musical choir, funded by the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, called the Mississippi Show Stoppers.

But everyone is sure to remember Lance Bass as one of the members of the then-popular musical, NSYNC, a relationship that began in 1995 when he was still just a junior high school.

Bachelor in Paradise: A Star Is Born

After getting a call from Justin Timberlake’s mother, Lance auditioned for the musical group to become their bass singer.

As fans are sure to know, the group went on to become one of the more formative boy bands of the 90s.
Thus, Lance enjoyed superstardom with INSYNC throughout the 90s.

Bachelor in Paradise: Gonna Get Married

Throughout his career, there had been rumors and speculation about Bass’s sexuality, but it wasn’t until 2006, in a cover story for People Magazine, that he finally came out.

He hooked up with Michael Turchin in 2011 and by 2013 they were engaged to be married.

The couple’s wedding, which was televised on E! Special, Lance Loves Michael, went down in 2014.

They were the first same-sex couple to have their wedding broadcast on cable television.

Bachelor in Paradise: Who is Host Lance Bass?

Bachelor in Paradise: We’re having a Baby!

According to People, after several failed attempts at in-vitro fertilization via surrogate, Lance opened up that they two are now expecting twins.

Lance recently shared a picture of the couple on Instagram, posing, each with a sonogram image of one of the twins.

Lance captioned the image, “Twins update!! We are happy to announce that the twins are 25 weeks and growing beautifully. I can’t believe we will be dads in less than 3 months! Ahhhhh! A special thank you to our amazing doctor @drshahinghadir at @scrcivf, Taylor and Kyle at @elevateeggdonoragency, and our incredible surrogate. Thank you for this gift! #DoubleTrouble #HalloweenBabies”

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