Bachelor Star Lauren Luyendyk Shares Adorable Photo Of The Twins

Bachelor stars Lauren Burnham Luyendyk and Arie probably never envisaged the day they welcomed the twins into their lives. After all, in 2017, on Arie’s season of the ABC show, he proposed to Becca Kufrin, not Lauren. Later, he and Becca split and he texted Lauren as he decided he really loved her. Well, the rest is history and they now raise three kids and seem blissfully in love. This week, Lauren shared an adorable photo of the twins, Senna and Lux, and fans gushed over the cute kids.

Bachelor Star Lauren Luyendyk Had Some Worrying Moments

When Lauren gave birth to the twins, that made their two-year-old daughter Alessi a big sister. Sadly, in 2020, before the twins came along, Lauren suffered a miscarriage. However, she’s blessed with two more kids now. When the twins arrived, their son Lux Jacob was fine but little Senna spent some time in the NICU as she struggled with breathing difficulty. However, by Father’s Day, Arie had his whole family home with him. Mind you, Lauren spent some time back in the hospital with mastitis.

Bachelor fans couldn’t get over how quickly Lauren Luyendyk got back her figure and looks after the birth of the twins. A lot of ABC fans ascribed her rested appearance and her carefully applied makeup to the fact that Arie spends time at home. Actually, he and Lauren really seem like hands-on parents. They actually take turns sleeping in the room with the twins. That way, they each get enough rest. Not all moms are so fortunate to have their husbands at home around the clock.

Bachelor Twins Look Adorable In New Post On Instagram

On Thursday, August 19, Lauren Luyendyk took to her Instagram and shared a photo of herself with the twins. Her caption read, “these twoooooo❤️ gimme all the squishy baby snugs.” Bachelor in Paradise star Jade Liz Roper propped up in the comments and joked, “And I just ovulated. 😍😍😂😂.” Like Arie and Lauren, she and Tanner Tolbert also raise three adorable kids, Emmy, Brooks, and Reed. Meanwhile, JoJo Fletcher from Bachelorette Season 12 also commented. She wrote, “Just the freaking cutest!

Bachelor Star Lauren Luyendyk Shares Adorable Photo Of The Twins

Bachelor fans chatted about how the twins look different from each other. One fan noticed that Senna looks very much like Lauren Luyendyk. Meanwhile, Lux is a miniature Arie. In fact, more than one fan caught the likeness. Another one wrote, “Senna looks so much like you, Lauren!”  Then a fan who loved the photo of the twins commented, “Omg one Lauren twin and one Arie twin 😍.”

Making Time For Alessi

Lauren and Arie Luyendyk make plenty of time for big sister Alessi. When Lauren hangs with her daughter in the afternoons, they share some special time. Back in late July, she joked that it’s girl time so, Arie wasn’t allowed. He joked back, quipping, “Girls only?! Okay me and the babies are going to get ice cream 👋🏼.”

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