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Lisa Vanderpump Fans Hope She Writes A Recipe Book

Lisa Vanderpump might not feature in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills anymore, but she’s often in the news. Fully of style and grace, fans might see her attending a convention to save dogs from a terrible fate. Or, she might turn heads dining out somewhere. Well, now she stayed in at home and enjoyed a healthy-looking meal, she managed to do that with style and grace as well. So, when she described her meal, fans wanted the recipe. In fact, a number of fans clamored for her to write a recipe book. But will she?

Lisa Vanderpump In The News

The latest news about the Vanderpump Rules matriarch revealed that she and Ken expect their first grandchild. Pandora’s pregnancy announcement emerged at the 5th Annual World Dog Day. Naturally, Pandora and her husband Jason Sabo were delighted to share the news. Mom Lisa also weighed in and she can’t wait for the baby. In fact, she told the press that she hopes her grandchild will call her Nanny Pinkie. Of course, fans who follow the Bravo star know that pink is her very favorite color. Naturally, when she shared a photo of her cozy meal this week, a lot of pink appeared at the table.

Lisa Vanderpump considers herself to be vintage rather than old. Born in 1960, she is now 61 years old, not considered elderly by any means. However, she seldom looks 60 as she dresses with class and style. Even casual wear looks stunning on her, fans agree. Whatsmore, even a casual meal at home looks like a high-class establishment where perfect meals arrive at immaculate tables.  Well, there’s a very good reason that she and Ken Todd are recognized as fine restauranteurs. Clearly, they know a lot about good eating.

Lisa Vanderpump Shares About A Cozy Meal

Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday, August 18, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum shared a photo of their dinner. Miniature plants dotted the table, and in the middle, pink and white flowers brightened up the ambiance. Of course, a bottle of Vanderpump wine was opened and ready to sip. The photo revealed a blue and white place loaded up with color and texture. Then in the caption, Lisa told her fans what they ate.

Lisa Vanderpump Fans Hope She Writes A Recipe Book

Lisa Vanderpump wrote, “Cozy rainy nights at Villa Rosa with homemade chicken stew with apricots and vegetables, over couscous 😍.” Well, it looked tasty and fans could imagine that it tasted even better. Mind you, some fans just couldn’t get the idea of apricots in a chicken stew. The New York Times noted that it’s not a new concept. However, some people find them a bit cloying. Certainly, it seems more popular in the UK and places like New Zealand. As Lisa told her fans they made the stew at home, they seemed very keen on the recipe.

Bravo Fans Want A Recipe Book

In the comments, a lot of people asked for the recipe. Additionally, others want her to write a recipe book. One fan said, “Oh Lisa’s cook book! At least yours would be genuine!” Another fan wrote, “You need to write a book of recipes😋😋.”  Everything that Lisa touches seems to turn into gold. Of course, if she wrote one, fans would probably snap it up. But would she ever do it? After all, why dine out in her classy restaurants if you can whip up some amazing meal and stay in on a rainy night?

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