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Sister Wives: Meri Brown Reveals Her Sister Rebekah Lives In A Cave

Sister Wives star Meri Brown was joined by her friend Jen Sullivan and her sister Rebekah Barber Dilts this week. Incredibly, she right out told her TLC fans that Rebekah lives in a cave. Actually, fans of the polygamy show rarely see Meri’s sisters, so seeing Rebekah seemed like a treat. At the moment, she visits Meri at her BNB in Parowan. Meri just happened to mention that her sister lives in a cave. Yes, really!

Sister Wives Meri Brown Is Popular On Friday With Friends

Each Friday. Meri Brown and her friend Jen Sullivan hold a live chat where they talk about all sorts of things. This week, they included her sister, Rebekah Barber Dilts. In the comments section, Meri told her fans that of the three women, she’s the only one who lives in a polygamous relationship. If you have not yet watched the weekly chat then you miss out on a very amusing time. TLC fans who watch it grow in number every week. After all, it reveals a happy and fun person, rather than the perpetually sad Meri fans see on the show.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown moved into an RV. However, it seems that on the surface of it, Rebekah Barber Dilts takes it away by living in a cave. It seems that Janelle and Rebekah chose their unusual lifestyles because they could, rather than because they had no other choices. Meanwhile, Meri Brown splits her time between Flagstaff and the Parowan BNB which her friend Jen manages temporarily.

Sister Wives Star Talks About Rebekah And Her Cave Lifestyle

During Friday With Friends this week, Meri Brown introduced Rebekah Barber Dilts as her “real sister,” adding that they share the same “moms and dads.” If you don’t know, Meri has siblings named Teresa, Marc, Adam, Deborah, and Rebekah. Unfortunately, Teresa passed away from cancer in 2006. Meri said to astonished fans, “she lives in a cave you guys, literally blasted with dynamite.” After casually dropping that news, Rebakah talked about Meri as a kid. Well, she’s eight years older than her sister. So, Rebekah mainly recalls her “working all the time.

Sister Wives Meri Brown Reveals Her Sister Rebekah Lives In A Cave

Naturally, Sister Wives fans took the bit about living in a cave as the top point of interest in the chat. Meri told her fans to follow her sister on Instagram at @lularoerebekahdilts. And yes, there, some photos reveal her cave home.

The Cave Home

Actually, MSN reported that living in a cave isn’t unusual these days. And, like Meri’s sister, contractors can literally blast out the mountainside, and then people can live amongst the rocks which makes for a different ambiance.

Not Cheap To Live In A Cave Home

If, like the sister of Meri Brown, you live in a handy place with the right features, you too can live in a cave. However, it doesn’t come cheap. One TLC fan said, “after I watched the 3 of you, I looked online. some of them are selling for 2 million dollars 😮.”

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