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Bachelor in Paradise: How Does David Spade Feel About Hosting?

After debuting as host of season 7 of The Bachelor in Paradise David Spade sat down with for an interview and explained why he doesn’t think he would make a good bachelor.

The clip, featured on People’s The TV Show, starts out with David’s tongue-in-cheek, slightly self-deprecating statement, “This is the show where the guys are good lookin, the girls are good lookin, and I’m — the host.”

When he was asked how he approached hosting in a world that was as daunting as the one that surrounds The Bachelor Nation with so much hype and gravity, Spade responded that he didn’t think it through that much. He said that they knew what they were getting [with Spade], adding, “I’m sort of a lighter fare.”

Bachelor in Paradise: Could David star on Bachelor in Paradise

In the interview, with Spade, that took place on Thursday, the 57-yr-old SNL veteran was asked how he would feel about a starring role on the show.

His response came in classic David Spade fashion with him saying, “They know it’s too risky of an operation.”

He went on to say that he wouldn’t take it that seriously – that he would just make fun of everybody, adding that, “It’s so serious, that show.”

He also indicated that he did not think he would be a good choice to host The Bachelor, “because they’re so serious” but he added that it works for them.

“Paradise is more goofy and they don’t mind me having fun with it.”

Bachelor in Paradise: How Does David Spade Feel About Hosting?

Bachelor in Paradise: Are We Talking About David Spade or Dave Chapelle?

Also on the clip, Tammy Ly, from Peter Weber’s Bachelor season mistakes Space for Dave Chapelle with confuses the host for a bit.

She said, she walked out and saw a guy with long blonde hair and thought it was John Paul Jones at first.
Of course, we’re not sure if she was talking about the John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin or the one from the revolutionary war and we’re also not sure if she knew.

For Spade’s part, he said, “I wonder when someone whispered to her that I’m not Dave Chapelle.”

And finally, even though Bachelor in Paradise just getting started, Spade did share a hopeful forecast, saying, “I like Abigail and Noah. Wow, ballsy!”

This new season of Bachelor in Paradise is looking like it is going to wind up being a fun, sexy, and entertaining experience and it looks like the addition of David Spade as host is only going to reinforce that fact.

You can catch Bachelor in Paradise on Mondays at 8 PM ET at ABC and, next week, the show will also begin airing on Tuesdays, 8 PM ET.

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