Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Confirms Her Wedding On TLC

Little People, Big World Season 22 ended ahead of the wedding between Amy Roloff and Chris Marek. Well, this time next week, the couple will be man and wife. For a long time now, fans hoped like crazy that TLC would film and air her wedding as a special. In the past few days, Amy hinted strongly that it would happen. And, in one live video clip.,she confirmed that it definitely happens. So, when can fans expect it to air?

Little People, Big World Star Amy Roloff Has More Girl Time Before The Wedding

LPBW fans already saw Amy take a break with her girlfriends ahead of the wedding. That came when they were still in the planning stages. The ladies stayed at the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs for a few days. Certainly, it looked like fun as they didn’t stint on the drinks or on the fun times together. That break, Amy declared was taken for “R&R.” Fans saw on the show that she’d been busy trying on wedding dresses among other arrangements. At the time, she described the get-together as “a pre-bachelorette party.” Well, getting married doesn’t come along every day, so now they enjoy another pre-wedding girls’ trip.

Little People, Big World fans saw that Amy Roloff finally decided to take the offer by Matt to hold her wedding on the farm. Since then, he revealed all the work he put into making it nice for them. Mind you, in her usual snarky way, she sounds hardly very grateful. Still, one obvious thing came out: Matt and Amy’s future husband Chris Marek get along really well. It landed on Chris’ plate to tell Matt that he didn’t think Matt and Caryn should attend the wedding. However, Matt seemed fine with it. In reply, he joked how he’d just be on the honeymoon instead. While he put the finishing touches on the farm venue, Amy took off again and this time, she and her friends went to the beach to hang out.

Little People, Big World Wedding Filming For TLC Special

Amy Roloff first dropped a hint about filming the wedding on her Instagram Stories. She shared a photo with the caption: “Having a fun girlfriend time on the beach at Seaside.” Then she added, “while filming to (sic).” However, in another Live on her main Instagram, the LPBW matriarch confirmed more about filming for the TLC special. In her clip, she said, “They [her friends]  asked me a bunch of questions in the car. You’ll get to see that on the wedding special that’ll air here in about, I don’t know, a couple months.” Well, fans hope for it, as on the last season of the show, Zach and Tori hinted that it might happen.

Little People Big World Amy Roloff Confirms Her Wedding On TLC

In the comments section of her post, fans commented on the Little People, Big World star’s clip. One of them asked again if they film the wedding for the show. Another fan explained, “she said her wedding is going filmed[as a] Wedding special. we get to see Amy’s wedding in a few months on TLC.” Right, so now, fans can stop pestering her about it.

Jackson and Ember At The Wedding

Amy Roloff already told her fans that she plans for Tori’s son, Jackson to be her ring bearer. Plus, Ember will be her flower girl. Even LPBW critics who don’t particularly like Amy will no doubt tune in just to see those cute kids.

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