Teen Mom 2 Alum David Eason Accuses Ex Of Abusive Alcoholism

Teen Mom 2 alum David Eason fathered several children, but not all MTV fans are aware of that. So, when he talked about his son Kaden this weekend, some fans seemed surprised to hear about another kid. Jenelle Evans and David share Ensley, their daughter. However, he’s not the father of Jace or Kaiser. He also has his daughter Maryssa who he had with his ex, Whitney Johnson. If you’re not sure how Kaden fits in, he’s the product of David Eason and his other ex, Olivia. This weekend, David accused Olivia of being “abusive” and of being an “alcoholic.”

Teen Mom 2 Alums David Eason And Jenelle Don’t See Kaden

Many MTV fans despise David Eason and Jenelle, especially after he killed their little Frenchie, Nugget. However, they both retain a surprising number of fans and some of them seem very loyal. In fact, they love the way Kaiser, Ensley, and often Jace enjoy their lifestyle on The Land. These days, Maryssa also spends a lot of time with the other kids. Playing in the pool, feeding the animals, and going fishing look like a rather idyllic lifestyle for some people. Also, Kaiser had some behavioral problems, but he seems to have settled down and finally graduated from Kindergarten.

Teen Mom 2 fans heard that Maryssa graduated from middle school. However, fans also noted that the oldest daughter of David Eason seemed depressed. Well, she went through a lot with the CPS custody case. Plus, she experienced a lot of the drama between Jenelle and David over the years. On MTV, fans saw that more than once, Jenelle accused David of hurting her. Coincidently, Kaden’s mom Olivia claimed the same thing. In fact, the reason that David and Jenelle don’t see Kaden is tied up in a domestic violence protective order.

Teen Mom 2 Alum Determined To Fight For Visitation Rights Of Kaden

David Eason took to his Instagram on the weekend and shared a photo of Kaden. In his caption, he wrote, “I will never stop fighting for you Kaden David Eason! I love you more than you could ever imagine!“Well, one fan asked why he can’t see his son. He replied, “I have called him at least twice a week for years with no answer. She has a lawsuit against us and it would have made custody court very bad for me. Now that the lawsuit is dropped I can’t wait to bring up everything in court!!!!!!!!!!! 🙌”

Teen Mom 2 Alum David Eason Accuses Ex Of Abusive Alcoholism

Some Teen Mom 2 fans think it’s a shame that Kaden can’t spend time with the other kids on The Land. One of them noted, “He needs his dad. he would fit right in with the kids and the farm and fishing and boat and everything yall do. 😢 but i dont know the situation but at least a visit once in a while to start something. kids need both parents if both are available to them.”

Oliva Is Allegedly Abusive And An Alcoholic

Further down in the comments, David Eason slammed Olivia, saying, “His mother was a very abusive alcoholic so I am always worried for his safety.”


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