Vanderpump Rules: Lisa And Stassi Schroeder Buried The Hatchet

Vanderpump Rules fans heard in 2020 that Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute lost their jobs with Bravo. Recall, it came after Faith Stowers alleged that they acted in a racial manner towards her. Actually, heads rolled in all directions. However, it seems that Lisa Vanderpump and Stassi buried the hatchet some time ago. Actually, fans still love some of the cast who left the show. That includes Brittany and Jax, but the love doesn’t go that far for Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni.

Vanderpump Rules Stassi Schroeder And Lisa After Firing

Lisa Vanderpump seems very classy, and many fans think she’d graciously let a grudge go. Mind you, she can also be very unforgiving if she feels that someone wronged her, as evidenced by Kyle Richards. Well, perhaps now that Lisa soon becomes a grandmother, she mellows somewhat. So, perhaps one day those Real Housewives fans who hope for a full reconciliation might see that happen yet. However, when the PumpRules show fired those cast members accused of bad behavior, did she have a hand in Stassi leaving?

The Vanderpump Rules matriarch probably has a lot of influence on who Bravo cast on the show. So, with the racial fall-out, firing Stassie Schroeder and Kristen Doute possibly put her in a difficult position. Really, Bravo couldn’t keep them on the show and other heads recently toppled since then. ABC’s Bachelor host Chris Harrison also points to intolerance amongst viewers these days. So, did she and Stassi really clash over that? Likewise, some fans wondered if Jax and Brittany also lost their jobs as a result of the drama. Well, their son Cruz is the cutest little kid, and fans never hear them slamming Lisa. So, perhaps they made their peace, as Lisa and Stassi have.

Vanderpump Rules Hatchet Set Aside

US Weekly reported on August 22, that Lisa and Stassi moved on from any fallout when Stassi lost her job. The news came when she spoke with the outlet at her Febreeze partnership promo. The Bravo matriarch told them that they “ran into” each other. Apparently, they have been calling each other. She said, “Yes, I called you back and I’ve called you and reached out to you.” So, it sounds like there’s no animosity between them today. Well, Stassi admitted soon after her firing that probably, she couldn’t really blame anyone for her own actions. Still, it must rankle somewhat.

Vanderpump Rules Lisa And Stassi Schroeder Buried The Hatchet

Vanderpump Rules fans also heard from TooFab where Lisa stood with the cast that left. They also mentioned Stassie Schroeder. The outlet said that Lisa noted, “I ran into Stassi, I reached out to Stassi a couple of times, and she kind of ignored me.” Well, she also clarified that she wasn’t “responsible [for her firing],” adding, “it’s not my decision.’ Perhaps Stassi realized that as well. After all, Lisa also said, “But I ran into her and she was friendly, I ran into her very recently. She was very friendly.”

Where Do Brittany And Jax Stand With The Bravo Veteran?

Toofab didn’t confine their conversation to Stassi Schroeder. When they asked about Jax and Brittany, it sounds amicable. Lisa told the outlet, “Jax and Brittany, I’ve definitely reached out to and sent them baby gifts because they were part of our family.”

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