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The Program: Prison Detox Teaser Finds Favor With Discovery+ Fans

The Program: Prison Detox Teaser Finds Favor With Discovery+ FansThe Program: Prison Detox premieres this week on August 25 on Discovery+. TLC shared a teaser for the show on Instagram and fans really liked what they saw of the show. In fact, no bad comments arrived and they seem extremely interested in it. Hopefully, it does well enough for a second season to follow in time. It looks like a sort of crossover between Love After Lockup and Mama June but without all the ugly drama.

The Program: Prison Detox Could Have Been Created For Mama June And Geno

Discovery+ brings a show vaguely reminiscent of both the Mama June show and Love After Lockup on WEtv. Fans recently heard the sad news that Tracie Wagaman passed away after a drug overdose. Over the years fans saw her struggle with her sobriety and slide back behind bars more than once. Then, Mama June Shannon from Not To Hot and her boyfriend Geno ended up in rehab. In fact, she was lucky not to end up behind bars. If either of them had landed up in the prison where the new show was filmed, perhaps a lot of pain and anguish might have been avoided.

The Program: Prison Detox shows how a town in the USA tries to “fight the worst drug epidemic in American history,” discovery+ noted. It premieres three episodes on August 25, and then weekly, another episode follows. Set in the Sevier County, Arkansas jail, the inmates with addiction problems face a choice: complete their drug rehab program that takes three months, or stay inside. Not a new undertaking,  it’s been in place for a while now. However, it is new to reality TV.

The Program: Prison Detox Synopsis

ReleaseTv reported that “the series chronicles the emotional journeys of inmates.” Some of them actually face many years behind bars, so it’s an opportunity for them. However rules seem super-strict and if you fail, you bail. For many of them, it’s a single, one-and-only chance to gain redemption and freedom. Along the way, fans will see how they battle their inner demons and try to repair damaged relationships with family and friends. Of course, they also remain behind bars, so they also have to navigate life there as well

The Program: Prison Detox teaser for Discovery+ revealed that viewers already love the idea of it. The clip starts off with people in orange clothes walking down a corridor. Then, it shows them sitting in a sort of classroom. The voiceover says, “once you complete the program, you’re a free person.” Then it cuts to a woman greeting a child and obviously, she made it through, however, the strict rules make it hard. One inmate tells the camera, “I got a lot to lose,” adding, “one wrong move, it can be the end.”

The Program Prison Detox Teaser Finds Favor With Discovery+ Fans
Credit: Discovery+ via TLC | Instagram

One brief scene shows a man crying on his bed. Then, another shot reveals some people fighting. Obviously, not everyone gets through it.

Fans React With Favor To The Teaser

In the comments, fans seem keen to watch the new show. One of them wrote, “Interesting program idea. I’m not surprised as such rehab programmes are not widely publicised, (sic) .” Then another one commented, “Wow! This looks amazing 👏.” Meanwhile, others hope that it shows a lot about the actual rehab process. One person who features on the show, according to their @iwantcoolpics Instagram profile noted, “It’s full of all that!❤️❤️❤️ final hours countdown!

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