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Isabel Roloff Confirms That She And Jacob Leave Bend

Isabel Roloff expects a new baby and she took to her Instagram to tell them that she feels a bit sad as she just attended therapy in Bend for the last time. Does that mean that they move? Well, in the comments, she stated that emphatically. Yes, she and Jacob leave their home in Bend, Oregon. However, she didn’t say where they move to. Plenty of hints came that they might actually move to Portland, or even to the farm of Little People, Big World patriarch, Matt Roloff.

Isabel Roloff Expects A Baby And She And Jacob Plan A Move

A month ago, the news came that Matt Roloff expects his sixth grandchild to come along. He already had Jackson and Lilah from Tori and his son Zach. Then, there’s Ember and Bode from Jeremy and Audrey and she expects another baby. So, the child that Isabel and Jacob await will be the sixth one. Little people, Big World fans who miss Jacob on the TLC show seem delighted for the couple. Expecting a boy, Isabel told their followers that the baby’s due in December. Now they heard that they plan a move away from Bend.

Isabel Roloff and Jacob generated huge interest with the announcement of the baby. However, they also fired up headlines in the media when he revealed that he was allegedly molested as a youngster by a TLC producer. Matt Roloff addressed that when he spoke with Alec Lace on the First Class Fatherhood podcast in May this year. He said, “It caught us all by surprise, we had no idea and he explained that this had happened back in 2015.” However, in the same podcast he also briefly talked about hoping that one day, he’d like to see Jacob working a corner of Roloff Farms.

Since then, fans saw clips of Jackson helping at that farm and he showed Jackson how they plant the seedbeds.

Isabel Roloff Talks The Last Time She Sees her Bend Therapist

On Wednesday, August 25, Isabel took to her Instagram and explained that she saw her therapist there for the last time. In fact, she described it as her “last therapy session here in Bend.” Encouraging other people to find a good therapist made solid sense. However, one fan picked up that she talked about the last time. So, they asked, “Are you moving?!” Well, Isabel answered and said, “Yes.”

Isabel Roloff Confirms That She And Jacob Leave Bend

Isabel Roloff didn’t answer any more questions as to where they might be moving to. So, perhaps it’s a spoiler for the show, although they don’t appear on LPBW at the moment. The hints that they take a deeper interest in Roloff Farms came over the last four months or so. On June 7, Jacob shared a post that revealed him out and about with Jackson. He captioned it with, “Hauling earth and plantin seeds with @mattroloff , J, and Luna.” Matt also shared some stuff about Jacob on the farm. 

Other stuff About Jacob

On August 4, Matt did a small farm tour and talked about how he’s learning a lot about Jacob who teaches him about beneficial weeds and whatnot. So, maybe in time, fans will find out if that’s where Isabel and Jacob land up.

Remember to check back with us often for more news and updates about Isabel Roloff and her husband Jacob.

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