7 Little Johnstons Fans Hope Fall Post Might Hint A New Season

7 Little Johnstons Fans Hope Fall Post Might Hint A New Season7 Little Johnstons fans seem a bit complicated as during the show, many of them slam Trent and Amber. And yet, out of season, they beg for more of the family from Georgia. No renewal came yet from TLC, but fans seem rather desperate for it. The last episode of Season 9 aired on TLC on July 6. So, it seems a bit early for another season. However, a post about fall came as a spoiler for some fans.

7 Little Johnstons Drama In Season 9

Season 9 brought a lot of drama and fans saw that Liz moved out of the home. They also saw that Anna wanted to move out but Amber seemed unhappy with the idea. Plus, fans saw that when Jonah went to look for a job, she seemed unhappy with that as well. Actually, a lot of fans complained that she seems way too controlling and toxic towards the kids. Nevertheless, some fans wondered how all that toxicity suddenly seemed to evaporate. That came when the family went for a beach vacation in Florida soon after the show ended. Everyone looked happy in the company of their mom and dad.

7 Little Johnstons definitely has some storylines that could produce another season soon. Soon after Season 9 ended, Amber shared that Trent started a job in the “corporate world.” Additionally, now that Liz moved out, her more independent life could bring some storylines. After all, she and her boyfriend Brice look tight. Plus, fans know that Anna might have already moved out. As the last season only had seven episodes, some fans hope that the show merely takes a short hiatus.

7 Little Johnstons Fall Post Gets Fans Hopeful For A New Season

On August 25, the family Instagram account, @team7lj shared a photo of the family all outside. They held up a banner that spelled out “This Is Us.” In the caption, Amber wrote, “~TBT~ bring on fall 🍂 time please.” Well, some fans hope that it meant that fans soon see another season, possibly in the fall. One fan asked, “Is this a tease? Coming back for another season or not?❤️” Clearly, a lot of fans hope that season 10 comes along. One of them wrote, “Come back you guys need more episodes.” Then another fan said, “Bring back 7 little johnstons I love your family so much!

7 Little Johnstons Fans Hope Fall Post Might Hint A New Season

Well, 7 Little Johnstons fans started a chain of people saying the same thing all in caps. It read, “BRING BACK JOHNSTONS!!!!” More similar comments followed from TLC fans who adore the entire family. Notably though, Amber also used the hashtag #coolertemps. So, more than likely, they just tire of the hot and sticky weather and look forward to cooler weather. Still, hope flames in the hearts of die-hard TLC fans.

Might  A New Season Come So Quickly?

Actually, a new season in fall isn’t out of the question. Recall, Season 8 ended on February 8 this year. Then Season 9 premiered in late May. However, between Season 7 and Season 8, fans waited six months. And they waited longer for Season 7 after Season 6 ended in 2019. Only time will tell if the post actually teased a fall season for the show this year.

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