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Bachelor in Paradise: Thomas Achieves Troublemaker Status, Brings Drama to Tre and Serena

Having been a troublemaker in the Bachelor Nation before, Thomas is no stranger to it, but it was brought before him once again in the August 24 episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

After Lance Bass introduced himself, playing NSYCH’s It’s gonna be me on a jam box, he announced the new hopefuls would be there soon.

Thomas Jacobs was the first to arrive and Tre Cooper, Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall automatically went on the offensive reminding others of the drama Thomas brought to Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette.

Bachelor in Paradise:

For his part, Thomas took aim at Serena Pitt and she agreed to go out with him citing the freshness of her relationship with Joe Amabile and that it was too early to be committed to him.

Fans will remember that Joe Amabile and Kendal long dated previously and probably were not surprised when Joe expressed tension over the prospect of having to relive the drama he went through with his ex, during Season 5, when she was torn between him and Leo Dottavio.

He even considered leaving Paradise over the possible Serena and Thomas pairing.

Bachelor in Paradise:

Thomas who was distraught with the interference from former Bachelorette cast members seemed to decide that the best way to handle it was to apologize.

Initially, Tre forgave Thomas but then, while on a date with Serena, Thomas inferred that Tre was emotionally weak.

After that Tre confronted Thomas telling him that he was done speaking to him and then he didn’t let Thomas respond at all.

Bachelor in Paradise:

Later in the show, Riley Christian showed up and Tahzjuan Hawkins spoke, indicating that Riley was the only one she needed in Paradise.

Riley had other plans though, as he set his sights on Maurissa Gunn.

Things went smashingly between the two and they went on a date together.

Connor Brennan who has been tentatively paired with Maurissa made sure to clarify that he wasn’t in the slightest bit concerned with the date.

However, the spark between Maurissa and Riley was obvious.

Bachelor in Paradise:

Natasha Parker was not having the good luck that Maurissa seemed to be having as she struggled to make something happened Brennan Morais, saying that they hadn’t even made out yet and she wondered if he was playing her.

It appears that all the other couples are still together with the exceptions of Brendan and Natasha, Connor, and Maurissa who are on the rocks and James and demi Burnett who are no longer together.

You can catch new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise Monday and Tuesday evenings at 8 PM ET.

You can also binge on previous seasons of the show on Hulu and HBO Max.

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