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I love A Mama’s Boy Season 2: Bryan Takes Mom On Their Honeymoon

I love A Mama’s Boy Season 2 premieres this Sunday on TLC, and spoilers about the cast already came out. Season 1 couples that return include Stephanie and Mike, Emily and Shekeb, as well as Matt and Kim. Bryan and Tracy are newcomers, along with Theous and Tia. Additionally, fans meet the mothers who play a huge and cloying role in the show. It certainly looks like Bryan and Tracy face a lot of problems as he wants to take his mom Jayne along on their honeymoon. Like who does that?

I love A Mama’s Boy Spoilers Reveal New Couple Bryan And Tracey

Fans already heard that the old couples return and they turned their heat on Matt. Recall, a lot of fans believed in Season 1 that he’s gay. Kelly, his mom, gives Kim and Matt almost no privacy. However, he also enables that. These days, they don’t live in the same house as Kelly but that doesn’t mean they get more privacy as she’s right out at the back of their place. A teaser for the show revealed that on Valentine’s Day, Matt turned down some tender rumpy-pumpy moments so he and his mom could watch TV and have a cup of tea. Mortified, Kim discovered that the robe he bought her was identical to one he gave his mom on Valentine’s Day.

Well, with Bryan it looks like Matt from I love A Mama’s Boy meets his match. In fact, he enables his mom’s interference in their lives even more than Kelly. A teaser that dropped for the premiere revealed that he seems keen on taking his mom along on their honeymoon. Naturally, Tracy’s friends are just shattered at the news. After all, as one of them said, “who does that?” Well, TLC fans had something to say about that.

I love A Mama’s Boy Premiere Preview Shows Bryan’s Idea Of A Honeymoon

TLC dropped the premiere preview on Instagram on Friday, August 27. The two-and-a-half-minute clip revealed an astonishing insight into the character of Bryan in a very short time. It showed everyone meeting and greeting and talk turned to their honeymoon. Well, Bryan said that they haven’t yet “locked in” their vacation plans. However, he’s thinking about Hawaii. More than that, he plans on taking the boys along, and his mom.

I love A Mama's Boy Season 2 Bryan Takes Mom On Their Honeymoon

It seems that the I love A Mama’s Boy couple takes mom along so she can look after the kids. However, she seems rather more into just enjoying a vacation than doing anything like work. Fans better believe that already, what mom wants, Bryan gives. So, it’s not likely to be a terribly romantic honeymoon for Tracy. Tracy’s friend Asia just can’t get her head around it. Actually, she simply can’t believe that he’s serious. Later, she told Tracey what Bryan plans, and Tracy goes like “oh f–k.

Tracy Gets Really Angry

Talking to the camera, Tracy said, “Asia like just dropped this bombshell on me. I mean like WTF?” Well, pretty much, ILAMB fans wonder the same thing. One of them said, “You should of never married this guy (sic)! He is [a] big mommy boy…you will never be able to compete!” Well, another jaded fan wrote, “Why is she surprised?! Try and tell me this hasn’t been going on the entire relationship 🙄.”

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