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Where Were Matt Roloff And Caryn On Amy Roloff’s Wedding Day?

Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler missed the wedding between Amy Roloff and Chris Marek on August 28. Not invited, Amy felt that their presence might feel a bit uncomfortable. Well, Matt did a lot to make the wedding venue at Roloff Farms very special. Additionally, the request not to attend didn’t spoil anything in the Matt-Chris bromance. So, where were they on Amy’s big day? Read on and find out.

Matt Roloff Made The Venue Nice For Amy’s Wedding

Despite Amy Roloff sniping at Matt on Little People, Big World (LPBW) Season 22, he acted like a  gentleman and didn’t bite back. In fact, he found truckloads of admiring fans for the classy way he handled the whole thing. Actually, fans noticed that he and Chris Marek became really good friends. Of course, Amy sniffed and snorted about that on the show. She really didn’t like that they developed a close bond. Of course, that could be just drama racked up for LPBW on TLC. Now that she is married, fans hope that she lets go of her bitterness and focuses on her new life with Chris.

Matt Roloff joked with Chris about not going to the wedding, saying that he intended to be with them on their honeymoon. However, it really was just a joke. In fact, he and Caryn were nowhere near the wedding or presumably their honeymoon. Additionally, no drama came from Matt at all, and he prepared the venue with flowers and lawns. Meanwhile, Caryn welcomed her first grandchild this last week, so her thoughts focused on that rather than the nuptials.

Matt Roloff And Caryn Visited The Oregon Coast on The Big Day

Matt Roloff took to his Instagram on August 28 and told his LPBW fans that he and Caryn left the day before. In fact, he said, “Dropped the keys to the farm in Chris’s hands last night.” Well, they didn’t go too far, and he said that they drove to the Oregan Coast. There, he started “Having up close and personal wild life adventure on the Oregon coast.” So, they stay with friends for a bit and he seemed delighted to share a clip of the wildlife.

Matt Roloff And Caryn On Amy Roloffs Wedding Day

In the comments section, Caryn Candler graciously wished Chris and Amy well. Meanwhile, Matt Roloff picked plenty of congratulatory messages himself. One fan wrote, “Matt your such a good person for doing all you did for Amy many good Blessings are headed your way ❤️❤️❤️❤️.” Then another LPBW fan wrote, “You were so gracious in preparing the farm for the wedding.

Respect For Amy’s Ex

Many TLC fans talked about “respect.” One of them wrote, “that’s the way we should respect our former spouses! Wish more would follow your example 😍.” Then another one noted, “So much respect for you, Matt. 👏”

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