Who’s The Mystery Man Bachelor Colton Underwood Kissed In Hawaii?

Bachelor alum Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph looked tight together, especially when he contracted COVID-19. However, it all fell apart and she finally took out a restraining order against him. Then in April this year, he came out declared that he’s gay. Well, he didn’t seem interested in chasing down a date. However, he’s been spotted kissing another man in Hawaii. So, who is he?

Bachelor Alum Colton Underwood Moved On From Cassie Randolph

When Cassie and Colton split, fans felt a bit bad. After all, Colton always pushed his “virgin” status on his season of the ABC show. Recall, he’s the guy who famously jumped over a fence and literally ran away in the show. Well, the fact that he and Cassie seemed to find something good made for a happy ending. That is, until the news came that they split and he allegedly stalked her. However, he apologized and seems to have moved on from her. Well, he moved into the realm of a Netflix show.

Some fans of The Bachelor star believed that Netflix only talked to Colton Underwood because he came out. Unfortunately, the news wasn’t all that well-received by ABC fans. Well, now that he’s been spotted kissing a guy in Hawaii, perhaps he becomes newsworthy again. After all, social perceptions already changed a lot in 2021. For someone who claimed he’s not looking to date, just five months ago, he certainly seems very friendly and ready to engage in PDA on the beach.

Bachelor Fans See PDA On The Beach

The news that Colton Underwood apparently dates someone came from TMZ on September 1. They shared a photo that revealed him and a mystery man on the beach at the Four Seasons in Maui. Lying on their sun loungers, Colton leaned over and they kissed. Actually, it looked like a sweet moment. The outlet also noted that they were previously on a trip together “to Provincetown, MA back in June.” Apparently, they went there with Colton’s friend, Olympian Gus Kenworthy.

Mystery Man Bachelor Colton Underwood Kissed In Hawaii

The Bachelor alum was seen in a group with his mystery man in Provincetown. But perhaps they only just started getting to know each other. Colton Underwood seems to have taken it next level if he’s kissing the guy on the beach.  Naturally, fans want to know who he is. So, TMZ hunted around and unearthed his name and more about his career. In fact, his name, Jordan C. Brown is linked to some famous presidential candidates.

Who Is Jordan C. Brown?

Colton Underwood seems quite intimate with Jordan, judging by the photos. Apparently, Jordan C. Brown worked on the presidential campaign for John Kerry. Additionally, he worked on Barack Obabam’s campaigns twice, in 2008 and 2012. The outlet also noted that he “worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.” You can take a look at the exclusive pics on this link.

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